Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pfizer, Doctors Pimping Drugs for Cash Back, and the Penalty Payment Going to States

Click post title to go to article about Pfizer's fine. Oregon will get a large chunk of change from this settlement alleging misconduct by Pfizer in unapproved uses of drugs and kickbacks to doctors for prescribing these drugs and others.

So where's the list of drug pimping doctors and what penalties will they face?

Why is the money going to the states? What claim do they have to that money? I bet many doctors paid by taxpayers under county mental health clinics and OHP providers got kickbacks. And now the state will be further rewarded, even if some state paid doctors directly on state payroll or seeing patients with state paid insurance are involved as drug company pushers.

I want to see the list of doctors taking kickbacks for prescribing Pfizer drugs. Let's see the damn list and those doctors need to go to jail, like any street pusher. Drugs for money, trips and other luxuries. Drug pushers. Go directly to jail.

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