Saturday, September 05, 2009

Neighbors Getting to Me

The little kids were out most of the day screaming their heads off. They cannot exist seemingly without screaming. When they're not out screaming, the puppy is out there whining at the top of his lungs. I'm just about to go nuts. You can here the chaos clear inside the house.

I don't know what to do. The parents are home and obviously don't care what their little kids do or how the nonstop extreme noise affects anyone else.

What is up with that?

It's very frustrating. There's no way to appeal to parents when they let their kids behave that way, because they are right there letting it go on. The constant high pitched screaming is hard to take.

I love kids, but not little monster misbehaved out of control unparented kids. Kids who grow up like that are those who later inhabit the night streets and are constantly in and out of jail.

If they can't control them, it's not like they couldn't apply to be on Super Nanny or something. Think I'll send them an application for that show.

Part of me, when I hear those wild animal kids out back, wishes I could have screamed my head off as a child, destroyed things, and behaved any way I wanted, been free! But back when I grew up, neighbors would have just come and talked to my parents if I had behaved like that. Then I would have gotten a lecture and the crap beaten out of me, sent to my room without dinner for maybe a week. And maybe I would have been spanked by the neighbor I was disturbing, too. Those things happened back then. Not so much now.

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