Sunday, September 06, 2009

Homeless Camp Cats: The Adults

These are photos of the adult cats from the homeless camp in Corvallis, fixed so far. All but one were returned. I returned the one originally, but by my third visit, her owner had vanished from the camps, and her fate, along with her one surviving kitten, a spotted tabby male, now named Ozzie, who was very ill with a URI, was not looking good. She was taken by a Portlander there for the day to help me carry traps, since my knees were shot. It was a good thing, because her "owner" never returned to the camps. Keni also took in Clover, a tiny calico kitten, from same mother, whom the homeless had handed over to me ten days earlier. She had a partially ruptured eye.

This is Buddha's mom, and the one the homeless repeatedly tried to kill, because she kept having litters.
Female brown tabby.
Gray tux female.
Gray tux bobtail male.
Tame male they call Fatso, and the only one they would not allow me to eartip.
Tame female, claimed by one of the homeless as theirs.
Black male.
Brown tabby on white young female.
Black tux male.
Black tux female.
Another black tux female.
Another female.
This is the female now in Portland.
Big Brown tabby male.


  1. what is it with these female cats and their moustaches? Also, Buddah's mom looks just like
    Buddah, doesn't she?

  2. I think you'd say Buddha looks like his mom. She wasn't much more than a kitten herself. She is now caring for the kittens left there, the two, even though she is not their mother. I need to get them out of there.