Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'm Not a Cat Placement Center

So, despite my phone message, I get someone calling to say, "I have a friend with a cat he needs to get rid of. Can you take him?"

"No," I say emphatically, and "Who is this?" I can't even remember what she said. She continues however, because she wants her friends' needs met. "Well where I can I take the cat then?"

"I don't know," I say. "I am not a placement center. Call Animal Control or SafeHaven or anybody else. I'm retired and never did placement in the first place." I hang up.

There are people mad at me already because I'm not meeting their needs. Too bad.

Then there was someone I had loaned a trap too, to catch an injured cat, upset i might be quitting, who just hasn't bothered to catch the injured cat. I'm retrieving my trap today. Too bad. She can rent a trap.

Free Jody is gone.


  1. That's right! NO MORE FREE JODY! because Jody needs FREEDOM!!


  2. she didn't bother catching an injured cat because you might be leaving? what are her priorities, anyway? If more people did the work they were supposed to do, you might not be leaving in the first place! Duh....