Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yoyo is Coming Back

So the guy stops by who adopted Yoyo, quite awhile ago, wants to bring him back. Yoyo's always getting out, he said, and unhappy, lonely, because the guy's never home. I told the guy he'd be lonely when he adopted him if someone wasn't there. He claimed his daughter was there all the time. His daughter is early teen or preteen. Now, months later, I'm getting an adult cat with issues back. Pisses me off royal. I told him he could bring him back and then pretty much slammed the door in his face. I hate being lied to. I really really hate being lied to.

What will I do with yet another unwanted adult Albany cat?

So he came back, with Yoyo in a closed up canvas duffle bag. The cat, when I could get him out of it, was open mouth breathing, stressed and hot. The man claims he brought some stuff, but its his trash, really, open tiny partially used bags of Atta Cat, the cheapest cat food out there, and his dirty litterbox.

I told him I didn't want it, tossed his duffle bag death trap out the door and shut it. But he wouldn't take no for an answer, and knocked again. I was in the bathroom trying to comfort the stressed overheated Yoyo and ignored the knocks until he finally took his shit and left. Guess his daughter is now living with ex wife or something.

I'm not bringing the Lacomb orange kittens here, when I pick up their mom to be fixed. I'll get them fixed, but they're her problem to adopt out. She said, so helpfully, "Well, I'll foster this mom cat and the kittens until you find them homes." I told her "I'll get them fixed and you can find them homes." That's how it will be and I'm taking the two torti girls back also. It's their responsibility. They bred them. I won't take Jade back because she'll be killed on that road because of the pisser speed freaks who drive it.

Look at these euthanasia rates in CA. It's terrible! Half a million dogs and cats were killed last year alone in just the reporting shelters in CA. Over 3/4 million dogs and cats entered shelters in 2008 in CA. Nearly half a million of them were killed. How do you turn around such stupendously huge numbers? CA cities are attempting to pass spay neuter laws, where every cat and dog must be fixed by four months of age. The cost of euthanizing and holding so many animals is staggering to taxpayers. The responsiblity and costs somehow needs turned back onto irresponsible owners and breeders.

I can't make things better for cats in CA. But, we can all make things different wherever we live. Fix your pets. Make sure your neighbors fix theirs. Turn in collectors, report abuse, work to fix ferals and strays, be intolerant of those who don't fix their pets.

"According to the CDPH, in the last 5 years the total yearly number of dogs and cats entering California municipal shelters increased from 729,238 to 788,446, an 8% statewide increase. The total number of dogs and cats euthanized in those shelters also rose, from 378,445 in 2004 to 432,576, a 14% statewide increase."

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