Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lowlife Craigslist Post

Here is an example of a highly irresponsible pet owner, who allowed his cat to get pregnant and have kittens, who she defends from their dogs, and now he's threatening to "take her to the shelter" implying she'll be killed there due to Heartland's overload of cats, if someone doesn't take her. Emotional Blackmail. Lowlife pet owner who doesn't give a shit.

Free Cat (Corvallis/Albany)

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Date: 2009-07-05, 12:09PM PDT

Free 1 and a half year old cat. She had a kitten and now constantly attacks our dogs. We need to find her a home otherwise she is going to the humane society first thing tomorrow morning. We have two pomeranians and they mean the world to us. The Kitten is eating dry food now so no longer needs the mom. However mom does need spayed.

Please call Josh 541-230-1587

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