Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cat Photos

Below are photos of the three female cats fixed last Friday. All three are from the same Albany location, tame and owned. They also have five unfixed kittens of various ages. Some time ago, these folks e-mailed me and wanted me to take the Siamese female and the newborn kittens she would not care for. I asked them, when I stumbled onto them again, this time to get their cats fixed, what happened to those kittens of the Siamese female. They said some vet tech took them, and they ended up at Heartland.
This Tabby on White female was preg at spay last Friday.
Lynx Point Siamese female, fixed last Friday.
Brown tabby female, in heat at spay. I was told she had a broken rear leg that is healing on its own.
Jade, the garage kittens' mom. She's full of character!
Little Farrah, Jade's girl, atop my neighbor boy volunteer, doing his favorite duty--laying down on the job. The kid is nice and likes cats but not work.
I need new names for the two torti girl kittens. Suggestions?

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