Monday, July 06, 2009

You know, I might be going over the edge

I don't know if I can handle doing this anymore. I go back to that trailer park on Salem road because an old man is feeding a cat with four kittens. He wanted me to take the kittens but I can't take them. This is the same trailer park where the old lady had 33 cats on her porch.

So he tells me his neighbor, who now is sick he says, for a long time trapped cats and would take them and dump them out across the river somewhere or into the river. Someone who was briefly interested in adopting a kitten told me there is a whole family, Munsons or some last name close to that, who trap people's cats for sport and take them out and dump them or worse. They used to manage some apartments on College Park Drive, he said, and one of the clan still lives out there and may be still doing that to other people's cats, he thought.

This town is full of really messed up people. I'm becoming one of them, I'm afraid. I can't even go out anymore, without running into outright animal neglect or abuse or stories of it. So I don't go out anymore, unless I have to.

I caught the calico mom of those four doomed kittens. She was kicked or hit with something when she was young, and now has to look at you with her head cocked out sideways and wierd. The old man says someone broke her neck trying to kill her but she lived and that lots of people there still want to kill her, for no reason at all.

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