Tuesday, July 07, 2009

That Colony I Got Called About in Alsea---In Crime Section of Paper

A couple weeks ago, an Alsea woman called me about this colony. She wanted me to rehome them all. She was the old woman's caretaker and only knew about me because she used to live at Lancaster Bridge apartments in Corvallis. I got called about fixing cats there. Many were owned and the rest were offspring of tenant abandoned cats. Even the manager's cat there was free roaming and unfixed. I was promised by the owners of that complex, Corvallis Neighborhood Housing, I would be reimbursed for my expenses there. That was a lie. I never was and in the end, when picking up another cat a tenant called, wanting fixed, the manager called the police, and accused me of stealing cats. The cop told me, sarsactically, "Well that's what you get for volunteering" and told me I shouldn't volunteer. The drama out there was ridiculous. Anyhow, this woman said the old woman began feeding two abandoned or dumped off pregnant females and never got them fixed or any of the resulting cats fixed. She wanted me to rehome all the cats. I said I couldn't and to either get them fixed and I could help with that, or call animal control.

The result is evident below, in the report. Darn old woman should have gotten those first cats fixed, because now, there are a zillion and they will die. Should be a good lesson to others with relatives that feed strays. Get them fixed, before there are 40, and then they all end up dead. If you feed cats and don't get them fixed, you're doing the cats no favors. You're signing their death warrants.

FERAL CAT COLONY: 11:55 a.m., 300 block East Alder Street. A resident requested help removing a feral cat colony from her mother’s property in Alsea. There were an estimated 40 wild cats living there. No information was available on how authorities responded.

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