Sunday, July 05, 2009

I renamed the Tortis and then found.....

I renamed the torti kittens Willow and Twilight, only to find that I'd gotten responses from people interested in adopting the girls. But they'd been hussled into spam, by yahoo. I dug them out and called them back. One family is headed over right now. They want Willow. And someone else will come tomorrow and hopefully will take home Twilight. They may all have homes now.

The situation with Yoyo isn't good. He's traumatized and may have problems fitting in here again. Finding him a home is going to be tough. He's a sweetheart, but finding any adult a home isn't easy these days. I left a message for the woman in Jefferson who originally asked me to get involved in taking in the four cats from that house that was to be demolished. A disabled woman lived there.

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