Friday, July 10, 2009

Wore Myself Out Again

I wore myself out again, getting all these Albany cats fixed. I'm a basket case, pretty much. I need some recreation but it's all so far distant. I want to go swimmming at least once this summer. So far, I haven't done a thing.

My idea of recreation is swimming, hiking, camping. I haven't explored much else. I went once to one of the Albany concerts down by the river two years ago. It was sooooo crowded, not for me. It looked like acres of people sitting, if I recall it.

If a band came I really wanted to hear, I'd go. I checked over the list of performers, nothing struck me this year. I like to dance if there's a good band. At that one river concert I went to, there were only a handful of people dancing off the side. I joined them briefly, then went home.

It can be a bummer to constantly go to things alone. I usually don't camp alone either. I used to go swim in Foster Reservoir. Last summer it got drained for some problem with the dam. So I never went swimming at all until very late in the year and then just once.

It can be a dangerous place to swim. I swim for hours often. I could probably swim entirely around Foster, but there are a lot of times it is too dangerous to swim, even in the 5 mph areas, due to so many boats and jet skiis who do not obey the speed limit. I haven't been up there this year. I've been very busy, too busy, and it is a long drive. My money situation has really kind of gone downhill.

You have to pay to day park even now, to use most areas for the day. It's very understandable since areas must be kept up. Camping can cost $20 per night. I'm sure there might be cheaper campgrounds. Maybe the forest service campgrounds are not as expensive.

I have been under so much stress lately. I can't solve Albanys' cat problem and I'm driving myself to exhaustion trying. I intend to take some time off, but unless I get out of Albany for a break, I probably will just end up going right back to work, since there is nothing I can think of to do here, to pass the time. I'm trying to think of somewhere to go that won't cost me an arm and a leg to stay, and that means no $20 per night camping, that's for sure. Today I'm going to check to see how much Forest Service campgrounds charge and if I might find one beside a lake.

I sent those Hill colony people an e-mail today. They go camping all the time. Yet they've only donated $40 for all the cats I've taken to be fixed for them. 12 now. Yes, they're collectors and their house stinks, but they're collectors with the money to go camping in a trailer and that costs, taking free labor off someone without the money to go on constant vacations. Those poor little kittens they kept in a two foot by 16 foot cage to grow up, who got sick and are still sick months later, they can pay to have those three fixed, is what I told them. If they can afford the gas to pull a trailer all over the state, they can get those three cats left unfixed done themselves. They haven't so far sacrificed a damn thing to solve a problem of their own creation. It is unlikely they will get those three fixed themselves but with limited funds for fixing and my patience wearing thin, I told them it is their responsibility. And it is.

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