Thursday, July 09, 2009

Six Cats Being Fixed Today

The Lacomb location where the two orange tabby female had seven kittens between them, that I brought here, after the two moms were fixed, to adopt out, also had a torti female, fixed Tuesday, dumped off pregnant who had four orange kittens. They are still too young to be fixed. They are keeping the two males while trying to adopt out the two females. I had hoped they would wait until they are fixed, but I think they're going to try to find the two girls homes in the meantime. Some photos of the little ones below. I took this when I returned their mom after she was spayed. Below the three orange kitten photos, are photos of the six Albany cats up being fixed today.

This male hails from Mountain View Dr. in Albany. He is being neutered today. He is one gorgeous boy!
Three of the cats being fixed today are from Denver St. in Albany, including this muted calico girl!
This muted torti is also being fixed.
And so is this brown tabby male.
This Siamese mix female is from N. Albany and being fixed today.
This brown tabby female is from the same N. Albany location as the Siamese female. Both are being fixed today.

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