Friday, July 10, 2009

Covered in Poison Oak

I am covered in Poison Oak rashes. My left eye was nearly swollen shut last night. The rashes cover both arms, my stomach and legs, neck and around my left eye.

I knew there was poison oak mixed in the blackberry vines over where I was searching for the kittens, that were dumped on Lochner with their mom, who was killed on the road. The fist dead kitten was seen on Ellingson, so they all may have been dumped there. They might have been trying to get into Albany, maybe back home, or at least to where water could be found. They began making their way down Lochner and were seen in various places along Lochner, but they were on the move. The mother then was hit and the kittens were seen pathetic and starved in the middle of the road. Incredulously, nobody helped them.

A young couple finally stopped but didn't take them, just petted them, left them food and water in teh bushes, and made calls trying to find anyone who would take them. They told me about it when I picked up their cats to be fixed. Before I left for the clinic that morning, I e-mailed a Lebanon woman about it. She stopped and found one of them. He was skin and bones and severely dehydrated. The young couple went out again to try to find them, this time instructed to bring them back if they found them and I went out, too. They were moving farther along Lochner towards Marian and the tracks, likely to escape the grass seed harvesting, going on, on both sides of the road.

Another of the two kittens left was found dead on the road. The third is still missing.

I went even laid on the ground, atop a towel to peer into berry bushes. When I came home, I immediately threw my clothes in the wash, sprayed myself with a vinegar mix and washed my arms in rubbing alcohol, because I'd seen the poison oak. I'd tried to avoid it, but I knew I probably hadn't. And I had open wounds, scratches, abrasions, the usual, from the work I do. Poison Oak will take hold better if you have open wounds.

Nothing I did helped, and I broke out in rashes that quickly enveloped my body which is an ugly bright red oozing yucky mess today.

The four kittens I'd fostered out, from Jade, came back three days ago. The people had tired of fostering. They were here briefly, then, last night, the neighbor boy's mother said they'd foster them, since he loves kittens so much. They left again. This left Jade confused. She went around calling for them for hours.

Yoyo is a very sweet friendly cat but spoiled, since he was an only cat with that man and his daughter, until the man brought him back in that duffel bag. So Yoyo has been catered to, and now is unfit for living in a house full of other cats.

He spits at them, hisses, and goes after them aggressively. I don't put up with this crap behavior and when he does this, he goes right back into the spare bedroom.

But it has not been easy here, since his return. Never is, if you get back an adult male, who has lived as an only cat. They don't know how to share anything.

Jade, also in the spare bedroom, with the torti from Lacomb and little Micro, her smallest kitten, ignores him completely and moves out of the way, when he has his "It's all about me" tantrems.

The woman who took in the trailer park torti kitten, to foster, found her a home with a woman who wanted two kittens. So I was going to take her Twilight. I haven't been able to get ahold of her today, however.

Last night when I was calling free kitten ads, I got the shock of my life to find one of the numbers was Spay Inc.'s store. I stumbled for words then said "I was calling free kitten ads to try to get irresponsible people who don't fix their own cats, to get their cats spayed or to offer help and I get you, Spay Inc, handing out free unfixed kittens? I guess they should call themselves Unspayed Inc., if it's true.

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