Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. Three are from one location in Albany. These folks have an unfixed male. They then took in two cats left behind by a neighbor when they moved. So all three are up being fixed. They also saw kittens over off Ellingson Road. They said they were very weak and they caught them, but had no place to keep them. So they put them back and left food and water. They asked if I could take them and I can't. Apparently they were dumped out there and are slowly dying of starvation and dehydration. I asked a Lebanon woman who works in Corvallis if she might know someone who could take them and she's working on it.

This couple had tried SafeHaven, who said they were full, both for these kittens and for the left behind pair of cats. Then they tried Heartland who told them they no longer take in Linn County cats. So, there were just no other option they could think of and they can't take them in where they live, due to landlord restrictions. For now, they feed the two abandoned cats outside their place. They've very tame and sweet.

Another cat being fixed today is another female from that Lacomb situation. She has four orange tabby kittens about six weeks old, two boys and two girls. She also has severe earmites, so before I return her this evening, I will clean out her ears. When I was up there to pick her up last night, I passed a field labeled "Free Berries". The farmer had already harvested the strawberries, then left the fields open for Gleanors. Last night, I gleaned three gallons of fresh strawberries from those fields. They are delicious! I got home and ate two big bowls full. I will freeze most of them.

The fifth cat up being fixed is the cock headed calico from the Salem Road trailer park. I asked the vet to check her ears, on the outside chance her cockheadedness is an ear infection rather than, as the old man claims, an old broken neck vertebra from abuse. The old man is nice, but he will talk you into a corner and never stop to take a breath.

He told me he was an alcoholic for fifty years and one day the doctor made this little comment "You're in pretty good shape, but...you might want to cut out the morning beers." The old man would get a six pack and drink it for breakfast. He said, "That got me to thinking, so I just cut out all beer and I feel like a million bucks, outside of falling down all the time and breaking bones."

He found some hapless angry lazy woman at the homeless shelter who just moved in with him quite some time ago. He claims she is the laziest person you will ever meet in your life, that you have to wait on her hand and foot and give her money so she can buy her booze, cigarettes and drugs, when she asks for it or there's hell to pay. He says she won't clean up after herself or do a single chore. I said, "If she's taking advantage of you, you should kick her out." He said, "Well, nobody else can stand her or put with her lazy angry ways, so I figure I'm doing the world a favor." I think he likes the sex.
The cock headed calico female, being fixed today.
The owned Albany male being fixed today.
The abandoned Albany male.
The abandoned Albany female.
Lacomb torti female, mother of the four orange tabby kittens, still up there.

In the next couple of days, I will be taking in 14 Albany kittens, from various places, to be fixed. Two are from North Albany and both are male kittens. Their mother also will be fixed on Thursday, plus an adult male there. Four of the kittens who will be fixed are the kittens of the cock headed calico from the Albany trailer park. Wish I had somewhere they could go, but at least they will be fixed. Five more will come from the Albany location from which I just took in three adult females to be fixed. And two more will be from another Albany household. Their female, in heat again, was fixed last week, along with their neighbors female, who was also in heat, but wisely kept inside.

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