Friday, July 10, 2009

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Vicki of KATA called me very upset, in tears. Seems some Sweet Home trailer park is bombing empty trailers for cockroaches, because the manager wants to rent them out, but she saw a mom cat with kittens under one of the trailers about to be bombed from underneath. The manager was demanding that they come get them immediately and that they had until tomorrow, then they'd bomb it anyhow because they have to try to rent out those trailers and can't if they're cockroach infested.

So KATA sets traps and catches one of the kittens and one adult. But they stop by again today, and the traps are outside the trailer, and some young kids are taping it up for bombing underneath. The kids she said are nice, and didn't want to harm the cats possibly still under there, but the manager then called Vicki screaming at her, something about $2400. I don't know. Vicki was more upset than I"ve heard her. All these demands upon them, all the animal abuse, all the inhumanity they endure, like me here, is getting to her. So is the injustice of the demands from people who don't take one bit of responsibility.

I decided to take the bull by the horns. I told Vicki I'd try to find out who the owner is and contact them. I did. It's someone by the name of Lund and I found an address on second street in Albany associated with the name Lund. I called the number.

The man was kind of defensive, said it was the tenants fault causing cockroaches. I meant to tell him these are empty trailers being bombed, that the manager is trying to rent. I don't know how to talk to the well to do very well. I'm not in that class and it makes me extremely nervous. All I wanted to do was express how frustating it is for falling apart trailer park management to behave that way, towards cats and towards good hearted people like the KATA people trying to save cats and help the people out. And to work a solution to save those kittens. Being bug bombed in an enclosed space, that you can't escape, is a hellish way to die.

Anyhow, I gave him KATA's number and they did call KATA and gave permission for the traps to be left until tomorrow morning, as was originally promised. That's good, at least.

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