Friday, July 10, 2009

Drama. Drama. Drama!

The cat world is full of drama, that's for sure.

Today, I finally got some extra sleep, on my couch, which I liked!

Tomorrow, it's more kitten fixing. This time, the four kittens of the mother cat abandoned by a tweeker woman will be fixed. The cat herself and one kitten were taken in by the folks for whom I got three cats fixed for on Thursday. Three, maybe four more adults, including that mom, will be fixed Monday from them. One male is a porch cat and roaming and he's the wild card. They only see him occasionally, so if he comes by, they'll contain him. Otherwise, it will be three adults from there on Monday.

The abandoned TWeeker person's other three kittens were taken in elsewhere, and will be fixed tomorrow, along with the fourth TWeeker person's kitten. I was also to take in the N. Albany woman's two male kittens tomorrow. Her two females were fixed Thursday, but now I can't get ahold of her.

Out there still, a feral mom who needs caught and fixed, off Waverly and her six kittens. And the three feral kittens of an abandoned mom cat off Marian. I got the mother cat fixed a couple weeks ago. The other mom, whose kittens I pulled out from under a shed just moments after they were born, over there at the same place, is doing good, and her kittens look good.

Three feral teens need caught and fixed in Millersburg, fed at a business. Wish they'd catch them, since they have a trap, but fat chance there on that.

Two colonies I've dealt with before rear their heads again. I am getting repeated calls from a Corvallis homeless camper who wants help at the location where the police harrassed me last time I caught cats there, ten in all, and told me to keep my volunteering in Albany. I got a ticket for parking too in a nearby pullout, the only place within a mile to park, and I'm uninclined to go there again, to be harrassed by the Corvallis police, but the campers need help and no one else is going to help them. I've tried calling other people and nobody even calls back, so it's left to me and it is scary, to be honest, not because of the campers but because of the cops.

Then the other Corvallis colony, where those three bottle babes were born in the bushes and found by hotel employees, is active again. I got a call. Kittens. And so there are still unfixed cats there. But try to find anyone in Corvallis to help watch traps. I tell you, it seems impossible.

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