Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Long Day

What a very long day! I finally got home with the six kittens fixed today. The woman who originally contacted me about the 33 cats at the old woman's trailer and took two of them, whom I later got fixed, took in the one surviving torti kitten from the four of the cock headed calico's litter. The other three are still missing and presumed stolen or killed. She's going to try to find her a home.

The other folks' three kittens went home tonight. Their fourth kitten also disappeared. She took off yesterday with her mother and never came back, although her mother did. If she shows up again, I'll take her in to be fixed. I got their adult females fixed already. They have a fifth kitten, a Siamese female they bought off a backyard breeder somewhere in Albany which is digusting.

The kitten has chronic diarrhea and I told the family they need to have the kitten tested for leukemia and other intestinal parasites, but the other kittens don't have that diarrhea. This bodes badly for the Siamese, making the problem possibly a more chronic disease. They've already wormed her. She just doesn't look right. Backyard breeders suck.

I dropped off the other two kittens, also. I'd gotten that mother fixed last week. They will try to rehome them.

When leaving there I stopped at a house I'd seen coming in with cats out front. They have six unfixed cats, including a kitten they saved from a female they are feeding elsewhere abandoned by a tweeker they know. She has kittens over at the old location. They took in one of them and feed the rest at the old location. They were hoping I'd take in the cat and kittens but I said I couldn't but I would get them fixed. So there are quite a few more cats to be fixed just from these folks and then the tweeker abandoned mom with kittens.

Tomorrow I am taking in two adults cats from N. Albany, one from off Waverly and three from near Petco. All adults. By days end tomorrow, six more Albany cats will no longer be breeding. Today, six Albany kittens were fixed and will never produce to be part of the problem.

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