Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seven More Albany Kittens Fixed

N. Albany black tux male kitten, fixed today.
N. Albany black male kitten, fixed today.
Beautiful brown tabby on white female kitten, spayed today, from N. Albany. All three N. Albany kittens were alive with fleas. I treated all seven kittens for fleas this morning, when I picked them up, and gave them a dose of roundwormer. They all need tapeworm treatment.

The next four kittens, two girls and two boys, one of the boys with a severe heart murmur, all were born to the mother cat abandoned by the Tweeker in Albany.
Torbi female and long hair tabby male, fixed today.
This is the sweet little boy with the heart murmur, neutered today. He may have a very short life, or a long one.
Bad photo of the black female fixed today, from the four abandoned with their mother.
A very beautiful long hair tabby male kitten, neutered today.

Well, I rounded up seven more Albany kittens and they were fixed today. Three of them, two flea crawling boys and one sweet little girl, came from N. Albany, adult females fixed last week. Four more of the kittens, two boys and two girls, are the kittens of a mother cat who has had an unbelievable number of litters. Then, she was abandoned by her tweeker owner, someone whose first name, allegedly, is Becca. From the sounds of it, this woman should never be allowed to even touch an animal and be spayed herself immediately, to prevent the inevitable cruelty to kids, too.

She had considered, these folks who know her said, putting the cat in a carrier and leaving her in the middle of the freeway. Instead, she abandoned the little mom and her four kittens. Thankfully, people who knew tweeker girl went and found mom and the kittens and took them. Mom will be fixed Monday. Any life left ahead of her will be better than what she's had so far with Tweeker Girl, a.k.a. White Powder Girl, a.k.a. Open Sore Face Girl with Rotting out Teeth. The latter is an accurate description of a meth face. It's sad. Stay clear!

The little gray tux male kitten, long hair and beautiful, has a frightful heart murmur, the vet told me. He wanted to go ahead and neuter him, after I told him the kittens' story and that someone is finding them homes that has a hard time even paying her rent, since she is unemployed, and she will never have the big bucks needed to find out what is wrong with his heart exactly. There are all sorts of conditions that cause a heart murmur. The vet said "Well, he wants to live and if he can make it through neuter, at least he won't be passing on his genes." The little boy made it through anesthesia and neuter. That vet is so kind!

Seven more Albany kittens will never reproduce and be left behind with kittens of their own by some lowlife tweeker creeper.

At least there's that.

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