Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven Cats Fixed Today

Seven cats were fixed today, six males and one female. One adult male is the last unfixed cat at the Albany Denver street house. Seven adults fixed there plus one kitten. Done! The other six were Corvallis homeless camp kittens. All males except one gray and white girl.

I got a message when I got back from a woman way out on East Berlin road. Heartland gave her my number. She had a cat show up and her friend said "that's an eartip so it's fixed" but she's not sure it's an eartip and she wants to know what to do. The cat is really tame and she wants to know if I got him neutered and if "the organization" then "dumped her out into the wild".

She actually lives really close to someone who does cat rescue and gets cat fixed. My guess is, that the cat is one of hers.

Three of the homeless camp boy kittens.
One boy kitten and one girl kitten, the only girl fixed today, from the homeless camp.
More of the homeless camp kittens.
This was the wild boy of the bunch from the homeless camp. The rest are fairly tame.
The last unfixed cat at the Albany house got himself fixed today.

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