Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Death in Kittenland

Linus died today. Linus was Jades little black and white boy. He was fine this morning. Well, not fine, but alive. I was gone about three hours. When I came home, I found him dead, with Micro curled up next to him.

He was severely dehydrated from unnoticed diarrhea, at the fosterers. I had started him on sub cu fluids but he died. Been going on too long I guess. Or is it something else?

The diarrhea is bizarre looking, milky, cream colored, at its end, not like pus would look. It's the same type of diarrhea I've seen with kittens who have been given milk. My guess they were given milk. It's just a guess. They do not have temperatures. Micro has not caught anything back from them and is just fine.

I think Lucy will be next to go.

When I took the four over to the fosterers several weeks back, they had fully recovered, had hard normal colored stools and were immensely playful.

It could be just one of those things. I don't know if there will be more deaths. The gray female kitten, Lucy, is very weak and dehydrated also. Bear, the black boy, has bounced back. Pippi has somewhat.

The only healthy kitten is Micro, the one who remained here.

I don't know what killed Linus.

Lucy is in dire straits and likely will not last the night. They were not back here long, after I retrieved them back from the first fosterer, before they went next door. I should have examined them before they went over. I don't know what happened. But their guts are inflamed and they don't have proper body weight. I wormed them before they went to the first fosterer and again a few days before they came back when I visited them. They could be kittens so badly infested with roundworms that no amount of roundworming will save them. I've seen that before too. They have been tapewormed once.

Sometimes I wonder about the medicines, if they're really, well, real, have active worm killing ingredients. I say this only because I believe I've gotten bad bottles of strongid that kill nothing. I only make that comment because I've roundwormed cats, seen no results, then done so again ten days later, using a different bottle of strongid, being suspicious of the results from the last worming, to see massive results after a second worming out of a different bottle. But that could be just that larvae have matured again.

There might be something just wrong with all these kittens. Jade isn't quite right. One front foot turns out. I had asked the NS to look at that and they said it was a bite abscess and that they drained it. But now, it's looking like something is going on there again. Abscesses can be tough to conquer.

I wonder if the kittens have FIP.

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