Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Six Cats Being Fixed Today

Six cats are up being fixed today. Five of them are from the Corvallis Homeless Camp. The sixth is a feral female being fed off Waverly. She has six kittens. I trapped two of them just to check weight but they are way under two pounds, so I released them. Nice family taking care of all of them.

White female, from the homeless camps.
One of two brown tabbies from the homeless camps up being fixed today.
The white female again, being spayed today.
Black tux female, from the homeless camps, mother of some of the kittens here, fixed yesterday. She is being spayed today.
Brown tabby on white, from the homeless camps, being fixed today.
Big brown tabby from homeless camps, being fixed today, likely a male.
Same cat again.
The Albany female, fed off Waverly, being fixed today.

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