Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lucy Surviving So Far

Lucy is still alive. She's on a general antibiotic, probiotics and gets sub cu fluids twice daily. So far so good. Yoyo stays in the spare bedroom with them. He is not intimidated by kittens but rather loves kittens. He feels comfortable with kittens and acts like a fun big brother with them. He doesn't want to come out into the hissy spitty scarey adult cat world anymore, not after discovering that the kittens love him.

Jade coughed up yet another hairball and is feeling much better.

I have a home for one of the six homeless camp kittens. I'm holding off on returning them for another couple of days in case I can find homes for a few more of them. If returned, due to the lack of feeding out there, they'll be lucky to last until fall. So, that's why I am trying to find some homes. There are more kittens out there, too. The more I can place the better for everybody, for the cats and for the homeless. Of the five homeless camp adults fixed yesterday, four were females, one of them, the young black tux, pregnant again.

I don't think I'll be vending at the Belly Dance Event in Sweet Home Saturday. That's because I don't have much of anything to sell. A Corvallis woman made handmade four items, but two other people who said they'd make things never did, so I'm up a creek, having almost nothing I could sell to make some needed money to buy cat food, vet visits, etc.

I'm not sure if I should take this adult Albany female home this morning, early, or what. I thought they'd be interested about her spay yesterday and the outcome and I did e-mail to tell them she went through fine and was pregnant again, despite the fact she has six young kittens over there. No reply. They're a busy family.

When I was over there trapping the night before last, the daughter was extremely interested in the whole thing. She loves the cats. They have teen boys, too. The parents were off whispering about something to do with a dent and no money. I wondered if the teen had a fender bender or something. The parental whispering brought back memories.

My parents used to whisper about matters they didn't want us to know about. All it did was make us worry. They whispered clear into old age, but very loudly as they grew older.

It was comical and mysterious and scarey for kids to have their parents go off around a corner and whisper.

This wasn't occasional at our house. It was constant, like they had a million secrets to keep from us. Because of the constant volatile put downs that accompanied my fathers return from work, that my mother endured, and myself also, but mother more than all else, the whispering raised my anxiety levels as a child even more.

Well, anyhow, still don't know whether to return the cat early or wait until later. I need that trap she's in, is the thing, and the one I left at their house.

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