Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homeless Camps

I went back this morning, despite a bad back and a failing knee, to the camps. With the help of a homeless advocate lady, I returned the five adults and trapped four more adults and five more kittens.

One of the kittens is a tiny calico with severe protruding conjunctivitis on one eye. She needs the eye removed, most likely. But she's only five weeks old, at most. Her siblings died, two from being stepped on, and possibly her mother was hit by a car, then finished off, because she was terminally injured, according to some of the homeless, by one of them.

They want one of the kittens here, the tabby on white male fixed two days ago, back. They call him Fat Ass. They also want one of the male kittens back I picked up today. They call him Shithead. The names sound bad but they really love the kittens. I saw two other kittens and five other adults out there I need to catch. But, with 20 taken out for fixing so far, that's a good start I'd say.

The other three kittens are two more sort of feral males, I think, and another tiny gray and white, too small to be fixed yet. I have two males, amongst the four adults I trapped, that I know. And two adult females. I will be returning the four adults and the two kittens they want back tomorrow.

I guess I'll try to find homes for the rest of the kittens. I found a home for the gray and white female kitten who was fixed, but I still have the three gray and white boys and the black and white boy who is shy needing homes.

I plan to take a break for awhile. I'm worn out physically. I'm tired of people who sit around doing nothing all day, but like to tell you what to do, or what you should say. I'm tired of the stupid stalker lady, who is making some other people extremely mad right now, so mad they are trying to find out where she lives and bugging me and I want nothing to do with that. I just want to live my life and take a break for awhile.

I don't know what pathetic stalker woman pulled on them, but I am staying out of it. That woman has big mental issues going around like she does trying to be mean to everybody on earth. But I'm staying out of this, whatever she did pulled on somebody to make them that mad. They should ignore her, I think, because she's a very pathetic sad little person. However, I suppose somebody that behaves like she does sooner or later pisses off someone.

Anyhow, I am trying to stay out of that. I need to get these homeless camp kittens fixed and homes and get rested up and have some fun for a change, I hope. Also, I'm working on a book, so, I plan to remove much of my blog, except for photos, because......tah duh (drum roll)....I'm working on a book.

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