Friday, July 17, 2009

Kitten Photos

I only got a few photos quickly this morning, of some of the five kittens I pulled out of the homeless camp yesterday. All these kittens are horribly earmite infested. I spent two hours last night trying to clean their ears. Shithead, as they call the long hair white male kitten, had them the worst. Even though I spent a long time on his ears, you can still see the black residue. He has to go back. They want him.
This is the six week old gray tux female kitten. She's scared but very sweet.
This is the male kitten the homeless have named Shithead.

The two fixed gray and white boys. The gray and white girl got a home yesterday, as did one of the gray and white boys.

Black tux kitten who will be fixed today. I named him Blackjack.

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