Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hell On I5 North

I was to take six kittens to be fixed up in Wilsonville this morning. I left with plenty of time, but arrived at the clinic two hours late. Most of that time was spent on I5, in bumper to bumper traffic inching along. It was hell.

I guess there had been an accident. I didn't know about it. I'd seen an ODOT sign near Salem saying something but my view of it was blocked by big rigs, so I figured it must be road work or something, because there were other signs about that, but the work takes place at night. But just past Woodburn traffic was backed up and it took forever to go even half mile.

Finally just before the Wilsonville exit, the traffic is funneled into one lane. I think, "I better see one huge massive car pileup wreck to hold up everybodys day and businesses for hours." But all I saw was some cops standing around and nothing more.

The clinic decided to do the kittens anyway, even though I was so late getting there and if traffic is still backed up, they'll have to stay there all night because I'm not interested in sitting in traffic for hours upon hours. I think when they're holding things up that badly, they should close the road, so traffic stops instead of the destructive aggravating inching along. It's stupid.

And now I hear there's a suspicious package outside a Woodburn bank again. It wasn't that long ago that that father/son antigovernment pair blew up and killed two police officers at a Woodburn bank they were trying to rob. Hopefully that pair will get the death penalty and fry, as they so deserve. But now another suspicious object outside a Woodburn bank? For gosh sakes there are lots of freaks out there with agendas.

That will probably hold up traffic too.

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