Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Interesting Evening

Boy. Sometimes! After getting all the cats returned, finally, except the cock headed female, I went to pick up the kittens being fixed tomorrow. I picked the two over near Petco first and low and behold, there's a green Dodge van parked along the curb with a missing driver's side window. The license plate number was close but no cigar. Really close. So I told SafeHaven about it, and they're going to drive by it, since the description was kind of vague as to the shade of green and year of the Dodge Van.

They sent me a photo of a lookalike of the one in their video of the cat dumper and the one over there I saw isn't even close to the same model.

Then I go to pick up the four kittens of the cock headed calico, now recuping from spay in my garage. The old man could find only one of the four. Despite a long search, the other three seemed to have vanished into thin air. The old man wanted to blame the cat killing neighbor, but that man is sick. He has cancer, the 33 Cat Trailer old lady said, and would not have the strength.

I think they were picked up by someone well meaning. When finally driving off, I glanced left, at the Felony Flat cottages and was sure I saw the little orange boy at the feet of someone sitting on their porch. I was so sure, I turned around and went back. The woman had gone inside. I asked neighbors out on their porch. They were evasive. Very evasive. I wanted to tell them "Look, I don't give a shit if you stole them. They want them gone anyhow. I just want to get them fixed." But I was kind of worn thin from this long evening of drama in catland.

The cats are all mad at me for adopting out Doc. I sure hope he makes it. It will be very tough on him to adjust. He was so happy here, but they all are happy here, except Sam, who is stressed and really needs a way out.

So I'm shy three kittens for tomorrow's appointments and I hate that. I tried calling the people with five, but despite the fact I called before 9:30, they did not answer. I left a message. Gosh I hate going all the way to the clinic for only three kittens when I had appointments for six.

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