Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 Cats in Less Than an Hour

I went into the Corvallis homeless camps and took out 11 cats in under an hour--five adults, three females, two males, and six kittens, four of them very tame, the other two wannabe tame kittens. Wish they didn't have to go back. There are at least ten more needing caught, half of those being more kittens.

The Denver street folks caught their male, too and I need to go pick him up. That will be the last cat there needing fixed. In total: 7 adults and one kitten done at that one house.

I'm working several situations, but I got a very good start on that homeless camp colony. Very cooperative grateful homeless folks who want to pay me. I said "You got to be kidding. The rich people don't even pay me. And you want to?" Then I laughed and they did also.

Woohoo! The kitten clinic can fix the six kittens I have now plus that tame adult Albany male right now. I'm taking them up!

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