Monday, August 31, 2009

Todays Cats (Photos)

Ten cats in all today, from the Bengal Group, were fixed, plus three more from the homeless camp. The photos below are of the Bengal group cats, all of whom were fixed today. The black kitten was taken home by a clinic client, thankfully, after he was neutered.A male and a female, side by side, among seven cats I found crammed into one cage this morning.
This morning, I arrived to pick up four males, I thought. I found three big males in one cage and seven cats in another. I decided "Ok!" and got them all done, at two clinics.
This cage contained two kittens, two adult females and three adult males.
The female kitten, sibling of the two in my bathroom, atop a male.
A male, fixed today, from the Bengal group.
Big black male, fixed today, from the Bengal group. I trapped a second huge black male when returning the just fixed cats, along with a young Siamese looking Bengal.
This abbysinian is the mom of the three kittens now in my bathroom.
Another male, fixed today from the Bengal group.

13 More Cats Fixed Today

Well, I thought I would be taking four from the Bengal group up, plus two from the homeless camp, the adults. But when I arrived at the Bengal Group, the man had three big males in one cage and seven cats in total in the other, five of them adults.

I didn't know how to react. I had just confirmed the four males for today the night before. And yet before me, were ten cats confined in two small cages. I took them all. I came home with them, briefly, and called the Wilsonville clinic and they said bring up any the clinic down there can't do.

Countryside did the two homeless camp cats, a male and a female, and three of the Bengal group males. I took the homeless camp kitten, plus the other seven Bengal Group cats, all in that one cage, on up to Wilsonville.


The homeless camp kitten crashed after receiving a penicillin shot. She was waking up, but then came the shot and she crashed. They revived her. In the meantime, a Wilsonville cat lover decided to adopt the black kitten from the Bengal Group and the homeless camp tabby girl kitten. I was ecstatic. I came back with two adult Bengal Group females, one of whom is the mother of the two kittens in my bathroom, along with her third kitten, also a female who was fixed today, and three adult Bengal Group males, from that clinic, and picked up three more just fixed Bengal Group males and the homeless camp adults on the way home.

So, in total now, 14 adults have been fixed from the Bengal Group and four kittens. Seven of the adults have been females and seven of them males. Two of the four kittens were females and two were males.

I'm not sure how many are left needing fixed, but boy in two days, Friday and today, that group of cats, mostly tame, is almost all now fixed! I'd say there may be 8 left.

Well, when I took the adults back, I trapped two more, a huge black male and a little Siamese Bengal mix. There is at least one more, another orange tom. I left him a trap to catch him.

The Bengal Kittens and the Homeless Camp Cats

Below are photos of the three homeless camp cats I caught today.

Black male.
Brown tabby kitten.
This one is a female, I think.

Here are the two Bengal mix kittens, although the female looks abbysinian. She doesn't want to tame. The boy tamed instantly. Cat toys, food, getting rid of a worm belly and earmites gone from ears--he knows a good thing.

The sisters trapping cats their parents feed said the three cats returned tonight and are doing well, despite being released right after surgery. I was happy to hear that. They will try for the five or six left starting tomorrow, but are most anxious to catch one particular female. So far, they've caught one adult female, a torti point Siamese, an adult Lynx Pt. Siamese male and a black and white male, plus two six week old torti kittens.

Four or more adults from the Bengal colony will be fixed tomorrow, along with the two homeless camp adults. I'm whittling away at three situations, with more on the wings. I really really want to finish out that homeless camp colony. Two more kittens and a couple adults are all that are left, but I want to complete it before the rains hit. The cats I caught today from that camp are numbers 26, 27 and 28.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three More Homeless Camp Cats Caught

I've been trying to get back into the homeless camp, over in Corvallis, to finish up, for awhile. It's been hard finding someone willing to drop me off with my traps, however.

I was told there are five more adults and three kittens left needing fixed. Today I caught two of the adults, a black male and a tame black and white female. The female might be pregnant. I caught a brown tabby male kitten, too.

Just as I was leaving, I saw a second kitten scamper off through the brush.

It was an interesting time, as always. The homeless there are a crack up to be around. Yes, they had already been drinking. The story on how many cats there were left who need fixed, changed every minute, I swear, from no kittens, to five kittens, to three kittens, to four orange adults, to a watermelon colored adult, to three adult black cats, to one, with two roam in blacks, to "Jody, you got em all, they're all done, go on home now." Except I have the cats left needing fixed already memorized. What I didn't know, however, was the exact number of kittens left.

But, I got a definite "3 kittens" from one man. I got "no kittens" then "five kittens" then, finally, exact descriptions of three kittens from the same woman, depending on how alcohol affected she was at the moment. So, there you have it, most likely, three kittens. I caught one of them.

I know there is an orange tabby adult roaming in periodically who is not one of the regulars.

I know there is a big gray and white tom, once tame, once owned there, but long ago left behind.

I know there is one more black and white and one more black cat. So, if I catch the roam ins, which would be luck, there are only two regulars left to catch: the big gray and white tom and a black and white of unknown sex, who is more like a teen.

I've been told there's a calico out there, too, but I've never seen her

And I have two more kittens to catch. I'd say maybe four more cats to catch and I'm done enough.

I caught three with the help of Lorraine, who patiently dropped me and the traps off, then came back an hour later, then an hour after that, while I tried to find and catch elusive unfixed cats among those already fixed. All while trying to avoid the prevalent poison oak.

I saw Buddha's mom. My goodness she looks a world better. She has weight on her now. I saw the gray tux female and she looks excellent. I saw Fatass, the tame white and gray male.

I was told the kitten they called Shithead died. The homeless blame his death on the neuter but something went on, because she looked down when she told me about him being dead and would not meet my eyes.

She had told me a couple days after I returned him that she gave him a bath, then he got really sick and then a few days after that they found him dead. But the guys across the way told me the young couple had taken him off. My guess is somebody killed him or he had a fatal accident or I'm not being told anything near the truth about Shithead's fate.

I had to return him because one of them claimed him as his own cat. I could not legally keep him after that.

The kitten named Shithead had an extremely short time on this planet. He is the only kitten I returned and I guess I should not have returned him. I try to stay within the law in my actions however.

The woman told me she and three guys sat around one night, drunk as hell, and laughed about "Well we did ok with calling Jody on those cats. Boy did we ever. She caught em all, didn't she?"

"Wait," one guy says, "no she didn't. Look, there's more kittens, but you did good finding her number and getting it almost ALMOST but not quite done. You better get her out here again."

As she told me this story today, she mimiced herself that night in her "drunk" voice, even though she was drunk today, so there was no need to pretend. She said after her speech, that night, they were all in agreement and drank some more, very self satisfied and proud they took care of their own little overpopulation problem because they knew the right person.

Roundworm Bellies

These poor little Bengal mix kittens are so full of roundworms and earmites it's pathetic. NO, they're not going back. Every one of those cats, adults and kittens, are going to be full of worms and earmites. Their little bellies are just unbelievably swollen with roundworms.

They are pooping them out, slowly but surely, but they will need multiple wormings, because the wormer kills only the mature worms. Then, when the gut is empty of adult worms, larvae hanging out in and traversing through organs, sense the vacancy in the gut and migrate into the gut and mature, requiring another worming. This usually takes ten days to two weeks, once the original mature infestation is killed.

Roundworm larvae can create swiss cheese of organs.

Albany Art and Air Festival Balloon Launch Video

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Festival Photos

Albany is having a hot air balloon festival this weekend. I stopped by to see the balloons take off after dropping the two Bengal kittens off at the house of the people who were taking up their cats to be fixed. The traffic trying to access the park where all the balloons were going to be lifting off was jammed up badly. But I finally found a little tiny spot where I could park my little tiny car and took some photos. I didn't stay long and the traffic jam out took longer to get through than the time I'd been there!

The balloons were very colorful and bright. Would have been fun to ride in one. Watching them take off was interesting, probably because of the volume of big balloons there and the bright colors.