Monday, August 31, 2009

The Bengal Kittens and the Homeless Camp Cats

Below are photos of the three homeless camp cats I caught today.

Black male.
Brown tabby kitten.
This one is a female, I think.

Here are the two Bengal mix kittens, although the female looks abbysinian. She doesn't want to tame. The boy tamed instantly. Cat toys, food, getting rid of a worm belly and earmites gone from ears--he knows a good thing.

The sisters trapping cats their parents feed said the three cats returned tonight and are doing well, despite being released right after surgery. I was happy to hear that. They will try for the five or six left starting tomorrow, but are most anxious to catch one particular female. So far, they've caught one adult female, a torti point Siamese, an adult Lynx Pt. Siamese male and a black and white male, plus two six week old torti kittens.

Four or more adults from the Bengal colony will be fixed tomorrow, along with the two homeless camp adults. I'm whittling away at three situations, with more on the wings. I really really want to finish out that homeless camp colony. Two more kittens and a couple adults are all that are left, but I want to complete it before the rains hit. The cats I caught today from that camp are numbers 26, 27 and 28.

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