Monday, August 31, 2009

Todays Cats (Photos)

Ten cats in all today, from the Bengal Group, were fixed, plus three more from the homeless camp. The photos below are of the Bengal group cats, all of whom were fixed today. The black kitten was taken home by a clinic client, thankfully, after he was neutered.A male and a female, side by side, among seven cats I found crammed into one cage this morning.
This morning, I arrived to pick up four males, I thought. I found three big males in one cage and seven cats in another. I decided "Ok!" and got them all done, at two clinics.
This cage contained two kittens, two adult females and three adult males.
The female kitten, sibling of the two in my bathroom, atop a male.
A male, fixed today, from the Bengal group.
Big black male, fixed today, from the Bengal group. I trapped a second huge black male when returning the just fixed cats, along with a young Siamese looking Bengal.
This abbysinian is the mom of the three kittens now in my bathroom.
Another male, fixed today from the Bengal group.

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