Monday, August 31, 2009

13 More Cats Fixed Today

Well, I thought I would be taking four from the Bengal group up, plus two from the homeless camp, the adults. But when I arrived at the Bengal Group, the man had three big males in one cage and seven cats in total in the other, five of them adults.

I didn't know how to react. I had just confirmed the four males for today the night before. And yet before me, were ten cats confined in two small cages. I took them all. I came home with them, briefly, and called the Wilsonville clinic and they said bring up any the clinic down there can't do.

Countryside did the two homeless camp cats, a male and a female, and three of the Bengal group males. I took the homeless camp kitten, plus the other seven Bengal Group cats, all in that one cage, on up to Wilsonville.


The homeless camp kitten crashed after receiving a penicillin shot. She was waking up, but then came the shot and she crashed. They revived her. In the meantime, a Wilsonville cat lover decided to adopt the black kitten from the Bengal Group and the homeless camp tabby girl kitten. I was ecstatic. I came back with two adult Bengal Group females, one of whom is the mother of the two kittens in my bathroom, along with her third kitten, also a female who was fixed today, and three adult Bengal Group males, from that clinic, and picked up three more just fixed Bengal Group males and the homeless camp adults on the way home.

So, in total now, 14 adults have been fixed from the Bengal Group and four kittens. Seven of the adults have been females and seven of them males. Two of the four kittens were females and two were males.

I'm not sure how many are left needing fixed, but boy in two days, Friday and today, that group of cats, mostly tame, is almost all now fixed! I'd say there may be 8 left.

Well, when I took the adults back, I trapped two more, a huge black male and a little Siamese Bengal mix. There is at least one more, another orange tom. I left him a trap to catch him.

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