Friday, July 31, 2009


The Siamese manx saga is now a twisted contorted mess. The man came down, looked over the manx in my bathroom and said it wasn't Mr. Kitty. He said his back end wasn't jacked up enough and his head wasn't big enough and he wasn't skinny enough either.

I thought "oh my gawd, now what?" I told him he'd need to take the cat back to where I'd found him then. The cat was going in and out of a hole in an apartment complex foundation. He could be owned, however, because owned cats will do that, and then again, he could be a stray. Or, it could be Todd's neighborhood cat from Gladstone. I don't know.

So Todd leaves with the cat and I think that's the end of it. An hour later, the doorbell rings. I think it's Todd returning my carrier. Instead it is Todd saying he just couldn't dump him out like that, not knowing if he is owned or isn't owned. He was back to tell me he was taking the cat with him, and he'd file a found report with Heartland and would I post fliers in that area? I said I would. He's a nice guy. He said he'd come back down with him, if and when his owner is found.

It's sure wierd, the whole thing, but then life is weird all around. I called Heartland myself to file the found report and posted him online, too, to be sure it's done.

Also, KATA asked if I could help an Albany cat posted about on craigslist. It was a tame little stray female someone had been feeding who suddenly came back with an eye hanging out of the socket. They thought she'd been attacked or shot. So I took her up and the vet is removing her eye but I have to find money somehow to pay for it. Those people who were feeding her said they'd keep her but said they didn't have even a dime to donate. But at least nobody has to try to find the sweet young tabby a home.

The whole thing with the manx is sad. I was so happy, was sure I was about to reunite a long lost cat with its owner. But it all crashed to the ground, with my spirits, and now it's just more work, trying to find out if he is owned, then if so, coordinating to bring him back, which is really on Todd, since he's the one who took him instead of taking him back to where I found him. Who knows if he is owned or not.

The moral to this story is: microchip your cats. Photograph them. Keep them in your own house or yard. What happened to Mr. Kitty would not have happened had he been contained. And this Siamese manx, whether he is Mr. Kitty or not, he had no ID or outward sign that anyone owned him and was roaming properties like a stray. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Happy Ending Miracle

8 months or so ago, I responded to a craiglist ad about a cat lost in Corvallis. The cat was really from Oregon City or somewhere up there. A neighbor had trapped the cat, a neutered Siamese manx male, and dumped it at the trailer park on Walnut and 10th in Corvallis, where his mother had lived.

The cats' man was desperate to find the kitty. There was a credible sighting by the roommate of a vet tech I know on 10th street near Borders, which is on 9th, but she only saw him once. Finally, Todd got a short article run in the Gazette Times about the cat, who has distinctive foot markings. But nothing came of it.

Today, 8 months later, I went to Corvallis late, intent on finding on sale cat food. I stopped in at the Grocery Outlet, then, because it was late, decided to come on home. I travelled down 10th and turned onto Garfield to get to 9th.

There, by Vina Moses' gate, was a Siamese manx. I did a double take, then turned around and went back. I called him to me, and he finally came and I felt him up. He was neutered! He had the distinctive foot markings. But I didn't bring him home. I took photos instead, came home, called Todd, after finding his number on an age old e-mail, then e-mailed him photos.

It's him. Todd even showed the photos to all his neighbors, who love this cat too. I went back and he was still there and got him into a carrier. Mr. Kitty is found, after 8 months in a strange city and he's going home tomorrow!
Mr. Kitty's feet markings are so distinctive I knew if I sent photos of his feet they would know for sure if it was him or not. They are unusual!

Update: Mr. Kitty's fur is full of burrs and he has a few wounds but he just wants to be hugged and held tight, which I've been doing. He purrs his head off. His owner will be here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. to pick him up. I guess the whole neighborhood is excited over Mr. Kitty being found down here, after 8 months lost. I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

Weird, in a way, that I would turn down that street, and see him at the right time. I only took Garfield to get back to 9th because it was near rush hour and I wanted to take a street with a stoplight, so I could make a left turn onto 9th, to go home highway 20.

Big Change in Settings. Email Me if You Want to Read My Blog.

My blog will be viewable only to those I invite to view it from henceforth. So, if you want to read my blog, e-mail me. I will have to know you. By Saturday, there will be no more public blog.

That is because of you, dear stalker lady Vicki, whom I know reads this.

Stalker lady is calling people I know, or have briefly met, ranting against me, scaring people because it's a stranger to them, and apparently following me when I get cats fixed, which is really an escalation of this person's stalking. I do not want to endanger others. I am taking personal protective measures. This includes hiding the blog from this mentally disturbed person.

Ain't life grand? I meet a person one time years ago and she stalks me forever. Nobody normal behaves in this fashion. So I have to take precautions.

I am consulting with others she has targeted and we hope to come up with a solution. If I end up dead, I say now, to those reading this, it is very possible it will be my stalker or someone my stalker has hired, who has killed me. So investigate there, if I end up murdered.

Why do I think she might kill me? Why wouldn't I think that? I don't even know this person and she has been writing me bizarre disturbing letters for years, left anonymous phone messages, contacted people whom I barely know to rant against me....all sorts of stuff....yeah, that is why I think she might kill me. Because nobody normal behaves in this way, obsessed with a stranger.

UPDATE: I have decided to continue the public blog. Screw the fucking stalker! What I say on this blog, needs said. The benefit for cats of this blog far outweighs the stupid stalkers' agenda and danger to me. I don't know what is wrong with people. Small little people who dedicate their lives to harming others suck! They are pathetic and waste the gift of life.

Stalker lady, when you're about to die, if you get a few moments, what are you going to think about, "Golly gee, I wish I had stalked a few more people in my life." What an unbelievable waste of a good life. Stalker lady's stalking activities are entirely supported by taxpayers. Stalker lady, do something useful!

The good thing is, people she is calling, are providing me with the number she calls from. I am handing out cards to everyone I contact, to let them know I have a stalker, so they are forewarned and can also keep records of any calls.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

I took four cats up to be fixed today: three males and one female. One male is from Lebanon, a stray being fed by a woman who also feeds two females. She believes one of the females, abandoned by the former tenant, might be fixed. The other, a muted calico, she doesn't believe is fixed, but couldn't catch her last night. So just the male is being fixed.

On my way up to Lebanon, to pick up that male, I stopped in at the Chevron to get some gas. I ran into catman Roger, the grass seed farmer I've known forever, although he lost his farm and now works for the county. We joked around some, then he said he had another male show up at his place. He's a nice guy and so is his partner. I told him I'd stop by on the way back from Lebanon and pick up the latest arrival there. I did.

It's always a pleasure to stop by their place. They offer me cold drinks, food, and they're just super nice people. So that boy is up being fixed. Where he came from, they don't know. Could be another Safehaven escapee or dump off. They're across a field from SafeHaven and have ended up with cats who have escaped people bringing them in from there before. And then of course people dump cats at SafeHaven. It's a dangerous thing to do for the cats, as many get hit then on the highway.

The other two cats are Albany cats. I got a female and her four kittens fixed for a very nice young Albany couple. They took in that female, who showed up and had kittens under their porch. They are trying to find all five of those cats homes now. Now they are caring for a relative's female and wanted her fixed. So she's getting fixed today. The young woman is going to take a vet assistant class and then try to get into prevet. She'd make such a great vet. I hope she can get in.

The fourth cat is a male from the complex across from that trailer park that houses 33 cat trailer. The woman left a message awhile back stating she was very ill, would be entering the hospital and needed to rehome her cat. I did not return that call because I just couldn't take in another cat. Then she left another message, that she wanted to get her cat fixed. I returned that call, and said "I thought you were dying or something and had to rehome your cat." Well, that wasn't the case and I'm not sure what the case was. Doesn't matter, he's getting fixed and going home afterwards.

When picking up that cat, I ran into a man, maybe 30, outside smoking, who was confrontational in a way. He claimed to work for the old man in the trailer park, who had the cock headed calico I got fixed, that he feeds as an outside stray and those four kittens, three of whom disappeared during the day, while their mom was being fixed. He was accusatory, that I took those three kittens, and said the old man wanted the other kitten, the only one apparently who lived through that day, back after she was fixed.

I said "He didn't want her back. He wanted me to find all four of them homes. When I couldn't find the other three, he wanted the fourth one at lesat placed if possible, because he thought his neighbor killed the other three. I told him when I returned the mom, that I found someone to foster her."

I did tell him. And he knows the woman who fostered her and found her a home, because that woman said she used to drink with him. And that woman also knows the man I was talking to today, who is the same man who was on the porch of the old man's trailer when I was trying to find those kittens that day they disappeared, and who gave up the search quickly, saying he wasn't going to put any more time into it. I then continued the search for another hour, while the old man, this younger man, and the old man's caregiver sat around on his trailer porch smoking and chatting.

Then the man said I should check somewhere nearby for the kittens, because they were possibly there, after I mentioned seeing a kitten who looked like the male on a porch of one of the nearby felony flat cottages. I said, "They're not my kittens. Why don't you do that for the old man, or have him check there?" Boy.

Anyhow, drama drama! At least they're all concerned sort of in a passive way. Better than being not concerned outright, you know?

The Pink House woman and I have long ago come to terms. I stop by every now and then to see the cats and feed them. They look good, healthy, good weight on them, and now their good health and fixed status is a source of pride to her. To see them looking good, happy and healthy, also makes me happy.

Pink House cats this morning, when I stopped in to feed them and say hello. They still know my car and come running even when my car is several hundred feet away.

Below are photos of the four cats up being fixed today:
Nice sweet good looking black tux from Salem Road.
This is the Lebanon stray male up being fixed.
This is the Albany Siamese female up being spayed.
And this is Catman Roger's latest arrival, being fixed today.

In other news, I called a woman for whom I got three cats fixed. They are low income and I don't think anybody in the household works. Since then, they also got an orange kitten from someone else. I got two males fixed for those people they got the orange kitten from. They'd already got the female fixed. One of the males was the sibling of the orange kitten these other folks took.

Anyhow, I call them today, to arrange to get that orange cat, now four or five months old, fixed. They tell me they got another orange kitten and are going to breed them. I say "No, don't do that, please. There are too many cats out there." I also told them "Poppa's policy is, that if you breed those cats deliberately, you will get no more help ever." I told them, "It's also a matter of money. It is not faceless money. You don't see the faces behind those who work to contribute to pay for the fixes of cats for people who won't get them fixed or can't afford to get them fixed. Nonetheless there are the faces out there, of taxpayers, in the case of grants, and donars, mostly little people without a lot of money. This isn't magic money that pays for these fixes. These are people trying to make a difference and sacrificing to do so. Think of them, before you do this. Picture the faces in your mind of people going to work everyday, paying bills, and setting out a little of what they, taking away from themselves and what they can do, to pay for your cats to be fixed."

I try to remind most people of this. To have some respect for donars and for taxpayers.

I remember seeing a Judge Joe Brown episode. A woman on public assistance had adopted a huge St. Bernard and then couldn't care for it. She asked the woman she bought the dog from to keep the dog for her, for awhile, until she got another place. She was on HUD. The woman would only agree to this if she paid her a boarding fee and showed her a lease allowing a dog and allow her to visit to see that she had a fenced backyard. The public assistance woman was sueing the woman she bought the dog from, because she wanted the dog back but had met none of the requirements, including paying for the boarding and training.

Judge Joe Brown gave the woman hell for buying a dog she couldn't care for using taxpayer money, since she was on public assistance and ruled the dog was now owned again by the woman she bought him from. To also save taxpayers, the judge denied the boarding fees to the original owner, incurred when the woman gave the dog back temporarily, under the stipulation from the former owner she pay boarding in the meantime. The Judge stated this only because if the woman was forced to pay the boarding fees she promised, those really paying would be taxpayers. Again he chided the woman for her behavior.

So what in the world is this Albany woman thinking? She couldn't afford to get the cats she has fixed, and now, gets two more cats and is considering breeding them? What in the world is she thinking? I know what Judge Joe Brown would say!

I'm also highly suspicious of where that second orange kitten came from, considering one of the three kittens who disappeared that day at the trailer park was orange.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Revision

I don't know why they are rushing into some half ass mess plan with the health care thing. It's already being torn to pieces. Do they not know the reality out there now, that if you're on medicare, you are hard put to find a doctor anywhere who will take a medicare patient.

I think they plan on making things worse in that regard, because sounds like they'll pay for uninsured people by cutting medicare even further, which means even fewer doctors will take medicare patients, meaning more people might, on the books, have medical insurance, at least medicare, but be unable to access any medical care.

I suppose to politicians, however, it's all about the way things look, not reality.

If I go to the doctor, I have a very few very rushed moments. This is one reason I think the politicians and the people who discuss the issue on the news do not live in the real world. They talk about visiting with your doctor about this and that. So to me, those sorts of statements, that conjure up images of leisurely doctor visits with all the time in the world to chat, are very very funny.

I have not had a physical in probably 10 years. I tried to get one when my old doctor was still here, before he quit, but he kept having to cancel, for one reason or another, and then, in the end, he was gone. They don't have time to do physicals anymore, I was told, takes too long. They have to see too many patients. I don't know why he quit. He was well liked. I just got the letter, never a clue before that, that he was leaving for greener pastures. Took me about seven months to find another doctor who would take medicare.

My old doctor was with me before and after I left the mental health system and through some very hard times I went through, including when I was beaten on that psyche ward and my neck ruptured.

It took a very long time to get treatment for that injury. I was told it was a mental health issue. Despite increasing bodily dysfunction, I kept at trying to get resolution. I had no idea what was wrong. One side of my face starting all sorts of horrible twitches and ticks. My arms started to fail. I had electric impulses running up my spine. I had trouble walking. I was in a nightmare of agonizing pain and received no pain meds, because my doctor held that it was a mental health issue. You see, a neurologist backed him up on that.

I will never forget the heartless treatment I received in her office. I cannot believe a doctor could say such things. When an MRI was accidentally ordered, and she had the results, she told me at first I had a disc ruptured only to the left, when I could clearly see the MRI images and asked her what that was in my spinal cord then. I was no dumbshit OHP client and she had counted on that I guess. How dare I read my own MRI.

She then admitted the disc was actually ruptured into my spinal cord and compressing it by half. I asked her what I should do. She told me one day I'd be laying on the floor unable to walk or move, peeing and pooping my pants and hopefully someone would call 911. Then she walked out the door.

I felt she disliked me from the start. Her office walls were lined in drug company propaganda. The only question she wanted an answer to was why, if for decades I'd been diagnosed with all these mental illnesses, why I wasn't taking all the psyche drugs anymore. She did not seem to care about the pain I was in, or my severe spinal cord injury. She was a drug pusher I guess and angry someone was no longer taking the drugs.

I was left speechless, sitting there, and I didn't know what to do after that. They were going to let me die. And not just die, they were going to let it happen while I writhed in the severe pain I'd lived with since the injury.

That's when I clearly knew how a stray cat feels. I was a stray, unwanted, life discounted as unworthy. Her behavior that day towards me sealed my fate in a way. I began to fight for my own life. And I began to defend and help the strays. I was one of them. I know exactly what they go through.

Anyhow, my spinal cord injury and the medical crap I went through afterwards left me with very little trust of the medical profession. My own doctor apologized to me. That meant something. I miss him. He supported me leaving the mental health system fully after that and never tried to push a drug on me. He understood why I distrusted doctors so much. It wasn't just as a result of that injury, but of almost three decades of sometimes forced psychiatric drugging and local shrink negligence and abuse in the psyche system, all unneeded. I've been the recipient of far more than my share of medical malpractice.

Anyhow, the health care system is really a mess. The drug pushing has lately been a subject of close media attention after Michael Jackson's death. I would hope this scrutiny would be turned onto the psychiatric system also. The cost of over drugging patients is unbelievable. Most of those drugs only make people have worse symptoms or kill their minds. There are better ways.

Kitten and Cat Photos

Buddha, who is quite beautiful.
Wake up, Micro!

Micro relaxes.
Micro and Louie, from the homeless camps, wrestle. Louie is spoken for, but his new owners won't be picking him, and Isis the Siamese mix girl from Lyons street, up until tomorrow.
Micro and Louie go at it!
Lucy takes a moment to examine her paw, which is beautiful and she knows this. Satisfied, she returns to attacking her sister.Micro and Lucy do sister battle.
Calamity is smart, sleek and wonderful.
Calamity, from a cul de sac on the outskirts of Albany. Unwanted, like her sister and mom, who was abandoned.

Isis, Calamity's sister, who is spoken for.

Below are photos of the four cats I took in yesterday. Two came from S. Corvallis. The woman said they were strays she took in, each with kittens. 11 kittens in all. She is low income and moving on Sunday. But she is trying to find homes for the kittens before Sunday and is taking the two adult cats with her. They're now fixed!
S. Corvallis brown tabby tux stray female, spayed yesterday.
S. Corvallis calico, spayed yesterday.

The other two cats were from that Lebanon situation. The sister of the owner was, by the time she contacted me, feeding the three cats. Her sister got them off craigslist, which should be a great big warning to people giving away cats without doing any checking on craigslist. The woman might have been well intentioned, but she doesn't even take care of her kids, and was not feeding these cats. She then told her sister if they weren't out of her place, she'd shoot them! Her sister contacted me, hoping for help finding them a safe place and getting them fixed. Turns out the male was already fixed and the calico had a massive tumor and had to be euthanized. As for the kitten, a neighbor is taking her in.
This is the male, who was already neutered.
The doomed calico, gotten by the Lebanon woman off craigslist from someone who didn't want her. But she didn't really want her either, never got her fixed, never fed her. The cat had many litters and yesterday died. She had a massive ovarian tumor.

I don't know if Blackjack is going to make it at his new home. Wonderful couple! They have one cat who hates kittens and a small dog. She says Blackjack cries all night. She thinks it is a health issue, but I keep telling her he is used to having tons of friendly cats around. He's lonely. She is going to take him in for a checkup. But adopting one kitten means you're going to have a lonely kitten, unless you have other kitten friendly cats already. Most single adult females do not take well to a kitten addition to the household.

He did not cry here. But, maybe he has developed a health issue. He played wildly all day with his brothers, then slept all night. That's what he did here. And I wish Miss Daisy would play all day and not sleep all day and race around very very loudly at night.

It is hard to convince people that a kitten needs another kitten for companionship or that one kitten will be terribly lonely and grow up dysfunctional. But it's true.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Obedience

I never thought much about dogs, dog training and all the different types of dog trials and shows out there. Until last Saturday.

I was killing time while two kittens were fixed. I found my way to a park in Wilsonville. I spent twenty minutes watching kids from various grades race around a track. It was some health event, to promote fitness for kids.

After watching two heats of third graders, I wandered farther around the park. That's when I stumbled into dog obedience trials. At first I perked up. I thought "Well this should be interesting."

I sat down on a big rock to watch. It wasn't long before I began to recoil in horror.

These were people who came from all over to this park on this day with their dogs, specifically to show how pussy whupped their dog is. If my dog does absolutely everything I command instantly, I win! What kind of person would enter such an event, to show off how dependent, how cowed, their dog is?

For some reason, it reminded me of the Taliban and how they treat women. Or just of abused desperate to please women or kids in general. And of control freaks. I don't know why that's what came to mind. These dogs weren't abused dogs. Maybe it was the heat or my own exhaustion.

I began backing away from the neatly trimmed people and perfectly clipped obedient dogs in horror.

Why would anyone celebrate feet licking belly crawling obedience and give awards for that?

Once safely in my car, sealed away, I began exclaiming how glad I am to be a cat woman.

We should hold cat disobedience trials to celebrate the independent mind of the cat.

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

Three females and one male I believe is a crypt orchid, are up being fixed today. Two of the females are from Corvallis. On the way to pick them up, I stopped and put out food and water for the homeless camp cats. They should be getting plenty anyhow, now that so many are no longer there, almost all are fixed, and me giving bags of cat food to two of the homeless campers for the cats. Their lives should now be drastically improved also because I wormed them, flea treated them and treated their earmites.

Anyhow, four more cats being fixed today. And, watch out for the heat wave hitting Oregon this week. It's supposed to top 100 degrees today.

I still have two beautiful fixed kittens here waiting for homes, also. Buddha and Calamity the muted torti.

UPDATE: The Lebanon male turned out to be already neutered. The cats' caregiver's sister is the one who had them ready for me. She had felt what she thought was one testicle. I reached into the carrier he was in this morning, and felt him up, reaching in behind him and felt the same thing, but I don't know what I was feeling because according to the clinic, he was neutered. However, the calico from the same location had a massive ovarian tumor. The vet clinic called and said they didn't even know if they could resect it and what did I want them to do. I called the caregiver's sister who said to euthanize her, that they did not have the money for the extensive surgery needed, nor after care, if she even survived the surgery.

These are the cats about whom was posted on craigslist ten days ago or so, that they would be shot if a home wasn't found for them. The actual owners' sister is caring for them now.

There is a kitten with a bloated belly, too, whom I met this morning. I wormed her and had the sister keep her in the bathroom, to see if she excreted worms. Instead, the sister said she excreted whole peanuts. This woman's sister doesn't feed the cats. The poor kitten is eating scraps and anything she can find.

The woman gets welfare and food stamps. She went through job training and never got a job, her sister said, so the state pays her $700 a month to go to the same job training class again.

She doesn't fix her cats or feed her cats either, her sister says. Instead, the sister takes care of them.

Her sister said, "if the state keeps giving her all that money and food stamps to do nothing, what incentive does she have to clean up her life?"

Well anyhow, sounds like the situation frustrates the sister no end, but maybe it will all turn out ok for both of them one day.

The kitten from the irresponsible sister is now going to be adopted by a neighbor, so that's good news.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitten Photos

This is Buddha, the latest homeless camp little boy, with Honey. Buddha is really laid back and sweet. He was neutered Friday.
Teen mom Jade, with Pippi and Lucy in the background.
I have been clipping the cats here, not that I'm good at it, to reduce hair and give them a break in the hot weather. Teen mom Jade was the target of my clippers and got a bad "do".
Pippi and Lucy. Nap time!
Bear again.
Bear relaxing.
One of the two most recent additions. The Siamese mix female kitten is much more human oriented than her sister, the muted torti, who is still scared, but not scared enough to hide from me.
Muted torti kitten, born to a muted torti mom, whom I got fixed awhile back. I have to treat them all for earmites today. I need homes for these two new girls! Come on, people! Suggestions needed!

Last night, I brought Stinod in from the cat yard. Stinod is almost totally blind and deaf. I wanted to give her a clip job. Once she smells and feels me, and knows it is me, she relaxes and rolls around wanting petted. I clipped her, cleaned out her ears, and was cuddling with her on the bed in the spare bedroom, when Yoyo jumped up, startling the blind kitty, who swatted. Only she missed him and planted claw marks all along my left temple. It hurt. Blood ran down my face.

Darn Yoyo. I'd pushed him off the bed twice before. He's an attention whore and somewhat of a cry baby.

Louie is charging around here like the energetic fun loving kitten he is. I am very glad to have the exclusion room. Hard to get anything done with kittens around, that's for sure. He is one cute little guy and I hope someone wants him soon. He is soooooo ready for a home. The woman who adopted Blackjack says he has bonded already with her small dog and that she will send pictures of the immediate friendship they formed. She says it is heartwarming. That was like a Gold Star home for him. What a lucky kitten!

Good news: the little Siamese mix girl fixed yesterday is now spoken for! She is getting a great home. Louie is going to the same home. Yay! Of the fixed kittens here now, that leaves only Buddha and Calamity (the muted torti's new name) not spoken for. Honey, Bear, Pippi, Micro and Lucy will be up for adoption once big enough to be fixed, which isn't too far off on any of them. Jade also has a home to go to in about three weeks. The people interested in her would have her as an outdoor kitty, along with the two cats they adopted from me a year ago. It's a good home. They will be on vacation for two weeks and want to wait until they get back to take her in.

Two Kittens Fixed Today

These are the two kittens I trapped last night. I'd gotten their mom fixed awhile back. The third kitten, black and white, has disappeared. These two girls are in my bathroom. I am hoping those neighbors over there will help find them somewhere to go. I don't think they will. We got into a slight tiff last night over them. There was no food or water out. It's been scorching and they're just little kittens. I asked where the water was, and when they said none was out, I asked they put some out. They were not happy about this.

I felt like saying, "Here's a card. Put it in your pocket. When you need to, take it out and read it. What it says, is not sincere, but maybe it will make you feel better." The card would say "I apologize."

I'm tired of having people I am helping pull me aside to say I've offended them. One of these neighbors did that last night. She was hurt that I would imply they were doing something wrong.

Well, they were. Not having out food, let alone water, especially water, for these kittens they wanted help with, is horrible. Are you not supposed to be able to tell the truth anymore? "Lady, ready the card, yell at me for being insensitive if you want, then put out some water for these poor kittens and their mother."

She said the cats wouldn't go back in the area they used to occupy and where they used to feed them. That's likely where the missing kitten died or was killed. I told her that. It's likely true.

Anyhow, it's never easy. One neighbor wanted sympathy because she'd worked 11 hours. And that is a long work day. But I'd already been working 14 hours, and I wasn't being paid for all those hours. I still had to return the three feral adults to the homeless camp clear over in Corvallis, then deliver a kitten back to Scio. Still. After leaving these people long behind.

I was tired already, had lots still to do, and now I have to deal with someone offended because she detected a hint of harshness in my voice over putting out water for those kittens. Man alive I just would never do well in a customer service related position where you have to dance around what needs said.

I still trapped the two kittens with the help of some hispanics who didn't speak much English and who had no excuses. Anyhow, they're both beautiful.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye Blackjack, Bootleg, Hooch and Scamp

I had two outstanding adoptors come by this evening. One extreme animal lover adopted Blackjack. The other adopted Bootleg, Hooch and Scamp. She came for two and adopted three. I think she would have taken all of them if she could have somehow justified it to herself.

That leaves me just Louie, Honey and new boy, Buddha, besides Jade's kids. Yay!

I took Buddha and the one feral kitten trapped in Scio up to be neutered today. That was it. When I arrived to pick up the one kitten, we saw some of the others in a large storage area in the barn. I couldn't help myself and tried to move into the crammed equipment to get them. What I ended up was dust, dirt and cobweb covered. I didn't even come close to those kittens. So just the one long hair little black boy, who screamed all the way up to the clinic, all the time at the clinic, the vet said, and all the way back home, after his neuter. He's going home to momma tonight. She was fixed yesterday.

I returned the three homeless camp adults and delivered two bags of food to the one woman who is most likely to feed the cats.

I also trapped the two feral kittens of a mom cat I got fixed weeks ago on Lyons. One kitten disappeared a few weeks back and is likely deceased. The two I trapped will be fixed tomorrow. I don't really want to return them, due to the hostile nature of the area. Too many houses, issued kids, tightly packed houses, and dogs, no safehaven for a couple little kittens to survive in. Two seperate neighbors have been trying to contact SafeHaven about them for help to no avail so far.

I had a message from some woman I don't know wanting me to take in her cat, stating that she is very ill and will be going into the hospital next week. I can't take an adult cat in, so I won't return the call. That's too bad for the cat and for the woman who is ill.

Homeless Camp Saga Video

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scamp's Adoption Video

Kitten Adoptors Dropping Like Flies

Gray tux, with long tail, from homeless camp, allegedly a female, being fixed today.
Black tux, looks like a male, from homeless camp, being fixed today.
This young female from the camps is the one the homeless tried to kill with a slingshot, simply because she'd had a litter of kittens.

I was so hopeful about getting these homeless camp kittens adopted out. I had numerous initial contacts off craigslist. But just asking them to fill out an adoption form, which asks for nothing except for a reference and that they don't declaw caused at least six inquiries to never respond again. Another potential adoptor, who already had several small dogs, wanted basically an outside cat and won't do litterboxes at all. So that wasn't really a good home for a kitten. Another I thought was a sure thing just told me her hubby says no. She is still working on him. I had counted on that one.

I have someone coming tomorrow and that's it. Of about ten contacts. Most only contacted me once, then I never heard from them again. Actually that's par for the course advertising on craigslist. From my local paper ad, I got zero calls.

I'm discouraged! I am over run in adoptable cats here.

I'm also exhausted.

I spent an hour wandering Lebanon looking for a vague address this morning. The woman had not told me the address was actually down a side street that has no name off the street for the address. I finally found the address, however, and knocked on the door. No answer! After all that work. When I called her, after getting home, she claimed to have been in the shower. The cats she wanted fixed however were in her driveway, not contained in carriers, as she said they would be. So I don't what was going on there.

I went on to the clinic with the three homeless camp adults. I had taken two traps up to Scio also, for a woman with two adults and four kittens in her barn. She caught both adults. She had wanted me to take the kittens, but was gracious when I said I couldn't. They have to be caught now.

I still have to catch the three feral kittens on Lyons and get the tame adult female fixed with five babies. I am told her five babies are almost two pounds. I pulled them out from underneath a shed, minutes after they were born, laying on my belly in gravel in a tight space between the shed and a fence. I had to dig out a hole beneath the shed, so I could reach under and pull them out away from their young mother one at a time, using a mirror to see what I was doing. So nine more cats there need fixed: those five babies, their tame mother, and the three feral kittens of the adult female I already took in.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Local Paper Runs Bizarre Cat Hating Article

Click post title to go to latest stupid article from bird lovers/cat haters. Yes, coyotes kill lots of cats so the the bird lovers/cat haters say that means TNR is inhumane, creating a broad generalization from one teensy study. Advocating that cats be killed, rather than face the dangers coyotes pose, is akin to saying something stupid like "since some kids get molested, by strangers or family members, let's kill the kids because it's much more humane."

Killing healthy cats is cruel and inhumane, as the bird lovers advocate to do instead. And the article does not mention it might be terribly inhumane and cruel to kill them, because this is a study done to promote the killing of cats. They don't give a shit about cats. Coyotes kill birds too! And they kill dogs.

And the Democrat Herald faithfully prints the article, with investigating another side or questioning, like drones, and questions if Linn County should be putting money into TNR. No other side is investigated at all, just this one tiny study and we're talking TINY! Think about how many cats would be out there, in Linn County, if it weren't for practioners of TNR in Linn County.

The county put up a grant of $25,000 for cat fixing and this year $12,000. For gosh sakes, they have no shelter for cats in Linn County at all! They put almost nothing into animal control compared to every other county. This might be the only county in Oregon without a shelter or real animal control.

Population control rests upon the worn out shoulders of unpaid put down abused and screamed at volunteers. The paper is ultra conservative and they ran that article most likely in hopes the feable miserable amount of grant money given out for spay neuter, in leui of having a real shelter, might get pulled and put into something like, oh maybe, creating a mud wrestling county park. Can you tell I'm kind of fed up right now?

I am actually tired of the crap going on in this county. I am tired of a relentlessly bent to the right local paper, too. Why not support volunteers, I wonder, instead of tirelessly impeding and putting down their efforts.

It sucks to love cats and live in Linn County and be a volunteer.

Write letters to the editor of the Democrat Herald please. Ask them to actually do their jobs and investigate both sides of an issue. I don't want to be the only one responding again. I feel totally alone sometimes here, in defense of cats, and as a diehard volunteer. Please, write the letters.

This issue also begs a solution, a possibly money making solution. How to stop cats from going after birds? An implant of some sort, that would emit a frequency, when triggered by a specific muscle involved in the spring, that would alert and frighten off a bird? Or would it deliver a distracting small shock to the cat? Needs to be something simple and cheaply made and could be mandatorily imbedded at the spay of feral or owned cats. And, what about how to make cats inocuous to a coyote? Same type of high frequency emitting embed thing, or, maybe a collar or harness that shoots out pepper spray or ammonia, if grabbed?

There are solutions. They just need thought up, implemented and marketed. Damn those cat hating bird people and their desire to kill cats. They love to mask their hatred of cats by claiming how much they care, i.e. the coyote study, advocating instead to kill the cats, because they care so much. Hahahahahahaha. Some things are so funny, just makes the snarfling start.

You high tech inventive wizards out there, get to work on those solutions. Just do it.

All Four Orange Boys Now Spoken For

All four orange boys are now spoken for. I am just awaiting the arrival of both adoptors. I got lucky. All four orange boys have gone to or are about to go to, great homes. Now, to place the tortis! Splat and Wonder are great kittens, athletic, loving and funny! I hope I can find them great homes also.

After the two orange boys leave, and both adoptors should arrive within the hour, I am closing down shop and going to one of the 4th of July celebrations, even though the thermometer is supposed to scorch out at about 100 degrees today.

I don't mind heat at all. I love it. In fact, I think sometimes I would have been very happy as a desert dweller.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I Hate......

I hate adopting out kittens and cats. I don't know who these people are, who contact me, wanting a precious little life. Two of the kittens have been adopted now.

Thankfully one of those adoptions was to the roommate of someone I know. The other, a young woman, who borrowed one of my carriers to take him back home in. She promised to return the carrier today, and didn't, which makes me worry and think the worst. Hopefully she will return it tomorrow and has an explanation. UPDATE: She did return the carrier, and very early, too, which makes her likely ultra responsible. This makes me feel really good now.

The Monroe people, whose kittens I took in to be fixed, had their dog spayed at Lane County spay clinic two days after I got the kittens fixed. The dog died the next day, after surgery. She never came out of anesthesia right then began vomiting blood, lots of blood, and died. The dog was about a year old. They were traumatized over the violence of the dogs death.

They'd also had some bizarre responses to their kitten ads when trying to adopt out their precious kittens. Some were so bizarre they decided to keep the rest of the kittens because they could not deal with the dangers out there to precious lives they loved from insane or shady would be adoptors. So they closed their doors to it and decided to keep the rest.

It is scary. Many of The people out there who want a cat or kitten, should not be getting any pet because they can't take care of themselves, and barely notice a cat once they get it and never again does the cat get any care at all. And then there are much worse people than those. And so many of them.

There are no guarantees and really stand out homes are one in a million these days. It isn't the economy so much as it is a falling apart of society and values. There really are very few decent homes to be had for animals compared to even a few years ago.

In Linn County, the number of homes piled high in junk and filth or just clutter is astounding. The number of people that abandon animals has always been high in Linn County. People move, leave their cats, get a new place, get another, over and over. They've been taught this behavior, by parents who did the same. For generations.

I don't meet a lot of responsible people doing what I do. I guess that taints my nightmares more, when trying to adopt out kittens. Sure gives me nightmares, to think about these little lives I may have saved temporarily, but only temporarily if I put them into the hands of the wrong sort of people. I have no way of knowing who people are who call or e-mail, if they're good people or rotten to the core. Lying is so easy and some people are so damn good at it because it's the only real skill they've ever learned.

I hate putting lives on the auction block, handing them off to the bidder who isn't as bad as the rest. Watching the kitten's worried face as it leaves this sanctuary for the unknown. I have nightmares. I know what's out there.

Now I know there are good people and I've found many who have taken cats from here. But I've also seen too much and know there are a lot of people who should not have kids, let alone animals.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Garage Kittens, Part Five. Teen Mom Gets a Shock!

Torti Kitten in Dire Straits

The little torti has been struggling since her spay. I thought it was her heart, but, then I discovered hard feces all along her intestinal path and enlarged kidneys. She is impacted with stool!

She was eating like there was no tomorrow after coming here. Now she's so backed up that likely the hard stool is compressing her uretor between her kidneys and the hard stool, which can kill cats and kittens and does kill cats and kittens.

I've been trying to milk the hard stool out with some success and she's going to the vet at four. She's needs an enema and perhaps her kidneys drained or she will not live. I have been giving her warmed catlax, and tiny lubrications rectally, and that is how I milked out two large compacted hard stools.

I couldn't figure out why she'd seem fine, then be down, but I've seen this before, in backed up adult cats. It's ugly and painful and I hope she pulls through.

My Matilda adoptor called, apologetic. Her holiday guests arrived a day early unexpectedly, and so she couldn't make the drive up. She will be here Monday.

Eugene PC People are Nutty!

I posted on Eugene craigslist about my hopes to find Bad Black Teen Mom, a.k.a. Jade a home, rather than take her back where she'll likely have a short life on a country road where people drive like nutcases, like nobody in the world matters but them, and their need to speed. Many there have been killed on that road already.

The responses I got, two, were completely opposite in nature. One was from a very poor heartfelt animal loving Veneta woman, who wishes very much she could take her in. But, she cares for her disabled husband and already feeds ten cats. She did offer to post fliers and is making them herself.

The other response was from some politically correct Eugene woman, who expressed absolutely no concern for the cat, but did want to tell me my reference to her, as Bad Teen Mom, was very very offensive. She told me (so helpfully) what I should have said, and that the only bad thing involved was the human who didn't spay her.

It's ok to call a human bad, but not call a cat a bad mom who won't feed her kittens. Apparently I've crossed a line in some Eugene PC circles.

I couldn't stop giggling. What a PC nutcase, so concerned about wording, no sense of humor and absolutely no concern about the cat herself. I told her to get off her computer and go rescue some cats or something and to get a sense of humor.

For gosh sakes, she IS a bad teen mom. How dare I say that though, in Eugene! Where truth and freedom of speech are the enemy of all mankind, as well as catkind!

Kitten Photos

The seven Lacomb kittens are now in my spare bedroom with Jade, the black mom, and her one remaining kitten, Farrah. I did go see the other four today, when I picked up the trap I'd loaned those folks, who offered to foster them. I think they are anxious to have them gone. They're doing just fine, growing like weeds.

I think the people who said they were going to come look at kittens may not be coming. Maybe none of them. That's the world of kitten adoption. I was cocky, thought I had homes for as many as four of the seven possibly lined up and now I may have no homes for any of them. Haven't heard back from the woman intent on adopting two, and she was going to come tomorrow morning. Boy, don't want stuck with seven more kittens, plus a lousy mom and her teensy micro daughter, and later on, her four siblings. I thought I was maintaining at least some control this kitten season.