Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Change in Settings. Email Me if You Want to Read My Blog.

My blog will be viewable only to those I invite to view it from henceforth. So, if you want to read my blog, e-mail me. I will have to know you. By Saturday, there will be no more public blog.

That is because of you, dear stalker lady Vicki, whom I know reads this.

Stalker lady is calling people I know, or have briefly met, ranting against me, scaring people because it's a stranger to them, and apparently following me when I get cats fixed, which is really an escalation of this person's stalking. I do not want to endanger others. I am taking personal protective measures. This includes hiding the blog from this mentally disturbed person.

Ain't life grand? I meet a person one time years ago and she stalks me forever. Nobody normal behaves in this fashion. So I have to take precautions.

I am consulting with others she has targeted and we hope to come up with a solution. If I end up dead, I say now, to those reading this, it is very possible it will be my stalker or someone my stalker has hired, who has killed me. So investigate there, if I end up murdered.

Why do I think she might kill me? Why wouldn't I think that? I don't even know this person and she has been writing me bizarre disturbing letters for years, left anonymous phone messages, contacted people whom I barely know to rant against me....all sorts of stuff....yeah, that is why I think she might kill me. Because nobody normal behaves in this way, obsessed with a stranger.

UPDATE: I have decided to continue the public blog. Screw the fucking stalker! What I say on this blog, needs said. The benefit for cats of this blog far outweighs the stupid stalkers' agenda and danger to me. I don't know what is wrong with people. Small little people who dedicate their lives to harming others suck! They are pathetic and waste the gift of life.

Stalker lady, when you're about to die, if you get a few moments, what are you going to think about, "Golly gee, I wish I had stalked a few more people in my life." What an unbelievable waste of a good life. Stalker lady's stalking activities are entirely supported by taxpayers. Stalker lady, do something useful!

The good thing is, people she is calling, are providing me with the number she calls from. I am handing out cards to everyone I contact, to let them know I have a stalker, so they are forewarned and can also keep records of any calls.

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