Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitten and Cat Photos

Buddha, who is quite beautiful.
Wake up, Micro!

Micro relaxes.
Micro and Louie, from the homeless camps, wrestle. Louie is spoken for, but his new owners won't be picking him, and Isis the Siamese mix girl from Lyons street, up until tomorrow.
Micro and Louie go at it!
Lucy takes a moment to examine her paw, which is beautiful and she knows this. Satisfied, she returns to attacking her sister.Micro and Lucy do sister battle.
Calamity is smart, sleek and wonderful.
Calamity, from a cul de sac on the outskirts of Albany. Unwanted, like her sister and mom, who was abandoned.

Isis, Calamity's sister, who is spoken for.

Below are photos of the four cats I took in yesterday. Two came from S. Corvallis. The woman said they were strays she took in, each with kittens. 11 kittens in all. She is low income and moving on Sunday. But she is trying to find homes for the kittens before Sunday and is taking the two adult cats with her. They're now fixed!
S. Corvallis brown tabby tux stray female, spayed yesterday.
S. Corvallis calico, spayed yesterday.

The other two cats were from that Lebanon situation. The sister of the owner was, by the time she contacted me, feeding the three cats. Her sister got them off craigslist, which should be a great big warning to people giving away cats without doing any checking on craigslist. The woman might have been well intentioned, but she doesn't even take care of her kids, and was not feeding these cats. She then told her sister if they weren't out of her place, she'd shoot them! Her sister contacted me, hoping for help finding them a safe place and getting them fixed. Turns out the male was already fixed and the calico had a massive tumor and had to be euthanized. As for the kitten, a neighbor is taking her in.
This is the male, who was already neutered.
The doomed calico, gotten by the Lebanon woman off craigslist from someone who didn't want her. But she didn't really want her either, never got her fixed, never fed her. The cat had many litters and yesterday died. She had a massive ovarian tumor.

I don't know if Blackjack is going to make it at his new home. Wonderful couple! They have one cat who hates kittens and a small dog. She says Blackjack cries all night. She thinks it is a health issue, but I keep telling her he is used to having tons of friendly cats around. He's lonely. She is going to take him in for a checkup. But adopting one kitten means you're going to have a lonely kitten, unless you have other kitten friendly cats already. Most single adult females do not take well to a kitten addition to the household.

He did not cry here. But, maybe he has developed a health issue. He played wildly all day with his brothers, then slept all night. That's what he did here. And I wish Miss Daisy would play all day and not sleep all day and race around very very loudly at night.

It is hard to convince people that a kitten needs another kitten for companionship or that one kitten will be terribly lonely and grow up dysfunctional. But it's true.


  1. Hi there-can't get your blog on my dashboard to follow and wondered if you had any idea why?

    Also-have you thought of also doing a coffee table book of cat photos?

    AND-I wondered if you had thought of going on JTV and streaming the cats and kittens you want to adopt? I don't have cable but if I ever do I thought it might be another outlet to find homes for them.

    ANYWAY-just wanted to touch base with you-always think of you and wish I wasn't so freakin poor so I could come visit.

    Take care,

  2. Awwwwww, such adorable photos! Have you ever thought of raising money by maybe making a calendar. You could ask for a donation from a local printer for paper - or any office supply place for that matter and a printer might lessen the cost when they know it is for a non profit org - or better yet, develop a partnership with some media outlet (a local radio station, newspaper tho they are having hard times and it is not all due to the internet - they merely were not prepared for the recession or competition of any kind.) Too bad school's out because it is possible class might get involved and raise money- they do that for the hospital on occasion. (esp of one of their classmates is sick but I esp like the ones from out of the blue who are really altruistic!)

    A 2010 calendar then could be sold online - at vet's offices, pet stores - the ones that so not actually "sell" pets or at local stores. And I do not mean just Albany but Cornvallis and even Eugene- I bet even my cousins in Washington state would buy one. Heck, I know I would!

    (Tho not sure where I'd put it- between pix of my kids and their pets, the walls of my office are getting pretty full, lol I may need a larger place. AS it is, we have had to place some on a digital display since some kids bring them in on a memory card. You know you are a child of the new century when, lol

    Anyway, this is just me, thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts.

    Take care!! I love the name Isis for the meezer. It's perfect! Isis was a Goddess and all meezers consider themselves royalty, lol Esp when dinner is not avail at the appropriate time and their servant is late, lol

  3. Calandar, that's an idea. I can do it myself I think. The photos my not be G rated, however. I may include scroungy cat trappers.

    I have no idea why your blog won't follow. I am not really very good at most things techie. But, it might be because I or you haven't got your blog set up in one of those canned templates blogger offers. I can't include my slideshow at the top in the canned templates that offer services like listing followers, so I keep the manuelly manipulative template.

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  5. Poor Blackjack - why do people have such a hard time believing that a cat needs company of its own kind? Too many myths abound about cats and their emotional needs. I hope they see sense and he does ok.

    Calamity has stolen my heart. She's a corker!

  6. Well they have another cat, but she is resisting the urge to bond with Blackjack. They're a really super wonderful couple who adopted him and I bet they find a way to make it work.

    Hi Abagale. Welcome.