Friday, July 31, 2009


The Siamese manx saga is now a twisted contorted mess. The man came down, looked over the manx in my bathroom and said it wasn't Mr. Kitty. He said his back end wasn't jacked up enough and his head wasn't big enough and he wasn't skinny enough either.

I thought "oh my gawd, now what?" I told him he'd need to take the cat back to where I'd found him then. The cat was going in and out of a hole in an apartment complex foundation. He could be owned, however, because owned cats will do that, and then again, he could be a stray. Or, it could be Todd's neighborhood cat from Gladstone. I don't know.

So Todd leaves with the cat and I think that's the end of it. An hour later, the doorbell rings. I think it's Todd returning my carrier. Instead it is Todd saying he just couldn't dump him out like that, not knowing if he is owned or isn't owned. He was back to tell me he was taking the cat with him, and he'd file a found report with Heartland and would I post fliers in that area? I said I would. He's a nice guy. He said he'd come back down with him, if and when his owner is found.

It's sure wierd, the whole thing, but then life is weird all around. I called Heartland myself to file the found report and posted him online, too, to be sure it's done.

Also, KATA asked if I could help an Albany cat posted about on craigslist. It was a tame little stray female someone had been feeding who suddenly came back with an eye hanging out of the socket. They thought she'd been attacked or shot. So I took her up and the vet is removing her eye but I have to find money somehow to pay for it. Those people who were feeding her said they'd keep her but said they didn't have even a dime to donate. But at least nobody has to try to find the sweet young tabby a home.

The whole thing with the manx is sad. I was so happy, was sure I was about to reunite a long lost cat with its owner. But it all crashed to the ground, with my spirits, and now it's just more work, trying to find out if he is owned, then if so, coordinating to bring him back, which is really on Todd, since he's the one who took him instead of taking him back to where I found him. Who knows if he is owned or not.

The moral to this story is: microchip your cats. Photograph them. Keep them in your own house or yard. What happened to Mr. Kitty would not have happened had he been contained. And this Siamese manx, whether he is Mr. Kitty or not, he had no ID or outward sign that anyone owned him and was roaming properties like a stray. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't.

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