Saturday, December 09, 2023

Road Trip with Ten Local Cats

 Yesterday was road trip day with ten cats.

I didn't pick up four of them until early yesterday morning. 6:00 a.m. to be exact.  In Lebanon.

So I left at 5:30, only to encounter just around the corner a guy in the road, with a bunch of stuff, including an upside down bike he was dismantling.  Uh oh, I thought.   He was beside a white car that had previously been orange tagged for towing.

I texted one neighbor whom I thought might be up at that hour and have since told a couple more, so the street can be on the watch, for prowling about people, not cats this time.

About halfway to the clinic, and so far it had been smooth sailing, outside of pouring rain off and on, traffic slowed almost a halt.  This went on for a few miles until an ODOT incident truck rolled by, driving the pull off strip with yellow lights flashing.

A couple miles on, still crawling, saw the source of the slowdown.  A car, still smoldering, off the road, burned to a crisp.  Firetruck was there.

No more road troubles to the clinic and I dropped off the ten cats from three locations.   I was super sleepy however and headed straight back to the rest area where I spent the remainder of the day, first napping, then reading in the back of my car, my toes cozy warm because I stuck hand warmers inside my socks.

I picked up the cats at 4:00 and headed home.   I drove straight to Waterloo however, instead of home, and met one of the Sweet Home caretakers and the one from Lacomb and offloaded 7 cats.  This is always so helpful when caretakers recuperate their own cats.  So I just had the three to recover in my garage.  It went below freezing again last night.  I had not expected this since its been unusually warm.

This morning I returned the remaining three and they are the only three I got photos of.  Oh well.  Here they are:  

I got home about 7:30 p.m. last night and was in bed rather quickly after cleaning all the litter boxes here.

Today we're supposed to get yet another massive rainstorm that will last one or two days or who knows, maybe til June, at this rate.


  1. Ten cats in one day is amazing but what a long day.

  2. Hooray for having less cats to recuperate with you.
    I am not surprised that after cleaning the never ending litter boxes you had an early night.
    I hope the massive rainstorm has been over stated.

    1. Been pretty wet. It started around 6:30 p.m. and has been so far everything promised. We shall see if it continues tomorrow as promised, but Monday through Friday are supposed to be dry.

  3. Glad it was a successful trip despite the road problems along the way.

  4. I worry about you driving so far, especially in darkness, and am so glad you made such a successful trip safely. ~hugs~ My neighbor was talking to police yesterday about something regarding a suspicious truck, I think. I'll have to ask.

    Meanwhile, what looks like a pond in my post yesterday is actually a stream. Since watercraft are allowed I instantly thought of you and very much wish we could go rafting together.

    1. That would be fun, to go rafting with someone!

  5. It's nice you didn't have to have all 10 recover with you. That was a productive day.


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