Sunday, December 10, 2023

Busy Days

 Ah, I've been hopelessly busy.  Good busy though.

Yesterday I returned the two tortis and flamepoint kitten to their people, in Sweet Home.  

Also then went to the Salem Holiday Market at the fairgrounds with my neighbor.    She knows how to park!  We drive into the parking area at the fairgrounds and it is jam packed.  The attendant tells her all the handicap parking is full and directs us to parking that is a great distance from the entrance.  She is completely unfazed by this.  She drives directly to the parking closest to the entrance and sure enough, there's an empty spot.   I think my mouth dropped open.

This is my favorite Christmas market.  It's so festive and fun and I wish always when there that I had hundreds of dollars to spend.  These are artisan people who take pride in their products and usually made the products themselves.  There are so many beautiful items in every booth.

We did a lot of walking.  She had her cane but left the walker in the car.   She did really well (the neighbor) and I think can walk much farther now.  We found benches when we needed a break.

I always get a $5 big bag of apples there from a Jefferson vendor.    They have every kind you could imagine.   But then I had the task of lugging around a heavy bag of apples the rest of the time we were wandering the aisles oogling all these beautiful items.   It was good for me, I told myself, good exercise.

The only thing I bought while there other than the apples was a bottle of pet cbd to try on Gigi.  She's hiding out in the garage again.  Not really hiding.  She's found my sleeping bag in the corner and makes her way into its folds and has the coziest place to sleep!   Its pouring out still, has been since last night, yet another atmospheric river.  We are all wet here in Oregon.

I don't have the winter doldrums.   I do have the winter whiney whinies.   

After we got back from the market we had lunch and then I went down to deliver traps to Harrisburg.  Lady is feeding a mom and her six kittens and they can all be fixed Wednesday.   She will catch them herself.

After I got home, I drove out to pick up cats for Monday's appointments outskirts of Albany.   They got five cats caught and I have only four spay neuter spots. I hope the clinic will do all five tomorrow.  A kitten went in a trap with its mom, is why they caught five.  One of the tabbies was in a huge huge trap, so the guy carried it into their bathroom.  There, I laid the trap on its side and put a trap I'd had in the car to the side of the huge traps door and as I opened the huge laid on side trap door, I slid my small trap in to cover the opening, then pulled up the transfer door and removed the towel on the huge trap.  The cat ran to hide into my own covered trap and I closed its back transfer door.  It was quick and easy.

I really enjoy showing people how to use the traps then letting them do it themselves.  They get joy and satisfaction from catching their own cats plus they know how to solve the problem if another comes along.  I don't mind just lending out my traps then transporting cats to clinics.   I don't mind it at all.

I finally got the ornaments on my Christmas tree today.  And the rest of the cans people donated turned in.    I took traps to another Sweet Home lady too, with next Friday FCCO spots. 

We could actually have five days without rain.   The neighbor told me about it, then when I didn't believe it could be true, she showed me on her weather app.  So then I looked on mine and sure enough! 

Here are the five cats and at least four of them will be fixed tomorrow.  I only have four spots but will take all five along just in case they can do them all.






Anyhow, that's it for today.


  1. Well done. I really hope that all five can be done. And that you get your five rain free days.

    1. I do hope all can be done today. Looks rainfree outside right now.

  2. Dasher looks a bit like an owl. My partner is a real weather whiney. But you are sounding quite chipper, so that's good.

    1. Dasher is the cutest one of the five! I have my moments, Andrew, when I drop my weather whining mode.

    2. My brother told me "It's winter. Better resign yourself to it."

  3. Those big craft fairs are always interesting. There are some very talented people out there. And I too wish that I had more money to spend. I usually just look and don't buy, but I do enjoy the looking. Hooray for the people that catch the cats on their own!

    1. I love them. I used to go the Albany one just for the whiskey samples. I rarely drink at all, not even a beer, puts me to sleep, but the tiny little sample cup of whiskey warms me all the way down, I just love it but I think the vendors are onto me, that I have no intention of buying a bottle. Not that I don't want to. It's just that the sample cup is just the right amount.

  4. I love how you gave the cats reindeer names. Tis the season. When I used to go to various craft fairs, I had a wheeled basket to carry purchases in. It was so worth it to have as I could buy more stuff and didn't have to worry about lugging it around. I got the idea from others at various markets who did the same thing.

    1. I see people use those fold up wagons to take their chairs and snacks to summer concerts, county fairs, farmers markets. I really want one. They take them to the lake too, to pull their picnic food, drinks to the beaches. They're so handy!


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