Friday, December 08, 2023

Too Much Rain!

 Too much rain!   

Several days with over an inch of rain.

Abnormally warm temps for December.   Balmy, I could say.   It was 67 degrees in Portland Monday, for instance.  Warmest Portland December day in recording history.

The grass, trails, parks--muddy or soggy so my feet sink in and come out with a sucking noise.

Consequently I've focused in mostly indoor adventure.   I'm still turning in cans I collected in two days.  You can only take so many in to Bottle Drop on one day.  Why?  No clue.  Seems ridiculous to limit numbers if the point is to keep them out of the trash and off the street.  The more the better, I would think.

I used the money made to fill my car with gas, first to deliver traps, then to pick up cats and today, to go to Portland with ten cats, most from Sweet Home, but four are from Lacomb.   Three of the Sweet Home cats are teenagers.   That lady got their mom fixed but the bill for one spay is astounding around here, and getting the three teens fixed at the FCCO will be a big help.  Same with the Lacomb four--that lady also got their mom fixed to the tune of $300 or more.   Can't afford that for the teens too.  Thank goodness for the FCCO.

The other three are from the Sweet Home colony---two adult tortis and one little boy kitten, the only one of the five she has from wild moms who made the two pound weight grade for neuter.

I think this makes about 23 cats fixed there, but I can't recall exactly.   She tries to find homes for the ones she's tamed which includes over half the number fixed.  There are not many adults, but it only takes two to tango.

There's somebody shooting at cars just outside Albany.  I saw it in a facebook release from the State Police and hadn't heard a thing about it before that.  Five instances so far, all focused in the area of highway 20 and highway 226, and early in the morning, between 2 and 2:30 a.m.  All but one that is.  The off one was at 9:30 a.m. in Mill City.   Someone's getting off work or out of a bar and shooting on their way home to Mill City maybe?   And one morning decided to take a pot shot at a car in the morning there?   I don't know.  There were instances both December 5 and 6, both early morning, both just outside of town, near the turn off from 20 to 226.    The press release said little else, was asking for tips from the public.  So far nobody has been hit, just the cars they were driving but sooner or later someone will be hit.  It didn't say if they think the shots come from another car or not.  I wonder.

I shaved Gracie.  She's a wild thing, old gal too, but had developed mats and despite the time of year, I went for it, got her closed into a carrier and got her in the bathroom and with my $20 ten year old battery charged clippers went at those mats.   I can tell you its not that easy to shave mats off a wild thing, but I got it done and her ears cleaned and wormed and flea treated her before she made it clear she would tolerate nothing more.   

Looking none too happy.  But despite her ruffled appearance in this photo, her backside mats are gone and she looks pretty darn good and must feel better without them.

Slinko has gone bonkers over peacock feathers one of the ladies who gave me cans gifted me.  

Here's who donated the feathers.....

Slinko says thank you.


  1. Glad you were able to get the mats off the cat. Those have to be miserable. Getting them shaved was probably miserable, too. Sorry about the rain. Hopefully it'll let up soon.

  2. Shaving a feral cat would definitely be challenging. Well done. I do hope they find and discourage the shooter before he (and I assume it is a he) hits a person.

  3. Maybe it is simply the logistics of dealing with so many returned cans.
    Go the feather, Slinko!

  4. I've been hearing about your weather on the news. That's a lot of rain! I'm glad you thought of the idea of collecting cans. It sounds like it is already proving to be helpful.

    1. It's been good, especially to help cover gas costs.

  5. I hope no person gets killed by this maniac. ~sigh~ Other than that and your extensive rain, this post delighted me. Gracie's portrait is adorable, as is Slinko having fun. ~grin~ And thanks again for recommending a trimmer. Hugs, my dear.

    1. Hope you're having a nice weekend there, Darla!


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