Monday, October 16, 2023

Four Cats Fixed on Very Wet and Windy Day

 Today's weather was typical Oregon---windy and wet.   Dark ominous clouds came and went, dumping loads of rain, then the sky would show some blue spots.  

I took four cats up to the clinic--one short of my number.

Two parties each I'd given two spots, cancelled, one very last minute.  The Halsey folks with two girls got covid and let me know I think it was Saturday that their girls would not be coming.   The Holley folk with two boys were no shows at drop off time last night, leaving me no time to get a fifth cat, because by this time I had four and figured I'd be taking one extra after they came with the two boys trapped on a very rural property.

After the Halsey folk cancelled, I gave two more spots to the Sweet Home colony and they had two boys ready Sunday.  

But first on Sunday I met Rhonda from Salem.  I rode in her car to Waterloo where I went into the lady's place and got the tame Siamese mom with her two young kittens she'd taken from a neighbor.

Rhonda had an appointment for them to go to a Salem Friends of Felines foster at 11:00 on Sunday.  I was so happy for her help in helping this little family.  I posted a video showing her and the two kittens awhile back.

Jerry, from Sweet Home, now fixed

Tom, from Sweet Home, now fixed


After I picked up the two from Sweet Home, both boys, I went back to Waterloo to try to catch those kittens, three of whom were already fixed, one not fixed, the Siamese.   I'd gotten texts that suggested they were in danger, called them a "cat infestation" and on and on.  They also were refusing to feed them further.  I couldn't stand the thought.  I just wanted to get all of them out of there and figure out where they could go on the fly.   

But it had gotten hot by then.   And somebody there who wouldn't say if he lived there or not, was stuffing wood into a burn barrel that was putting out clouds of smoke a dozen feet from where I was trapping.  He tried to block some of the smoke coming my way, where I sat watching a trap I'd set for those poor doomed kittens, by putting up an old mattress on end.   

I caught the Siamese, the only unfixed one, but not any of the other three already fixed.  

She was fixed today, along with the two boys from Sweet Home and a stray male at another Lebanon complex who will eventually get to be a house boy, once he stops with the spray marking.  He's a sweetie, abandoned by someone else.  He's got a bed and food and water outside her door though now and once his hormones settle and he stops with the territorial stuff, he'll be a house boy mostly.   

Hoot from Lebanon

By then, my friends in WA who adopted Skippy and the first Siamese kitten I caught from the litter of five in Waterloo, contacted me to say they'd take his sister too.  What a huge relief to me, for her.   Omg.  

Here's the boy kitten, brother of the girl fixed today.  They're working to tame him and have made progress.

That's Skippy, lounging around with Chiyo, another Waterloo kitten they adopted back in July, in the foreground.  Chiyo tamed very fast, they said.  

Also today, after setting up the cats for the night in my garage, I went back to Lebanon and picked up one of Black Mama's kittens, from the lady who took them in when she started hiding them in car engines.   Black Mama was fixed ten days or two weeks back, something like that, in the trip to FCCO when I took 13 from Lebanon.  My neighbor wanted a girl kitten and she's a wonderful cat owner, so the lady caring for the kittens handed over the gray girl, tiny for her age, not fixed yet, but my neighbor will get that done.   She and her son love her already I think.

So I've been busy but its been so worthwhile.   But now I'm signing off again, to kick back with my own cats.  Have a nice evening everyone!


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    1. Thanks EC. It felt like a very good few days to me.

  2. It sounds like you had a successful couple of days.

  3. I'm so happy for all involved. And it made me glad that the guy burning stuff showed at least a little thoughtfulness. :D


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