Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mr. Awesome

 Mr. Awesome currently resides in my garage.  He will be neutered Friday, along with nine others from his colony.

He was cat number 8 I caught at the colony today.   The weather was cold and foggy, but it wasn't raining, which was a big plus in catching the ten for the colony caretaker's daughter to take up Friday.  I give myself two days, when selectively trapping among a lot of already fixed cats.  But I lucked out and got ten in about 6 hours, drop trapping them one by one.

I saw him heading in from the barn and quickly rushed over to carry a large round step stone to put on the back flap of the drop trap, to help hold it in place.    Good thing I did.  He nearly bounced it up and got out.

The other interesting cat I caught was one who appeared to have only half ears.  Was he ear tipped?  I didn't think so and caught him.   I checked to be sure he was not fixed and he isn't.  I asked the colony caretaker what is up with his ears.  She said he got frostbite a few years ago and lost the tops of both ears.

There are still more to catch out there.  How many more, I don't know.   I saw two, maybe three more torti's of various shades.  For sure two.  I saw a buff tux young male, sibling of the straight buff I caught.  I saw two or so more kittens out in the barn, both orange tux and a few more orange tux or orange and white adults.   

Getting there.   42 cats caught there now, between myself and the colony caretakers daughter.   

I caught three all blacks.  One is a kitten, one is a big male and not sure on the third, for sex.

Unknown sex black

Kitten black

Black male

Adult gray

Huge orange tabby tux male

Mr. Awesome, who growls if I get anywhere near the trap he's in

Half ears, the boy who had frostbite

Another big male, an orange tabby with white on face

Torti tux

And the buff teen, whose brother still needs caught

After I caught the tenth cat, I came home.   It was 3:30 and I had to have a broken window in the bedroom at the glass repair shop before 5:00.  They had thought they could have it done by tomorrow evening.   I hadn't taken the shelf off in front of it.  I did so at lightning speed, cats still in the car.  Then I had to clean out the slider crack which was packed in dirt.  That took the most time.  Then I could move over the slider window, the one that had become cracked, and lift it out.  But first I measured the space where there would now be a hole and cut a board to fit, attached hardware to hold it tightly in place.  I removed the window and laid it flat on the bed and installed the cover board.  Because it will be very cold starting maybe Saturday night, I'm going to install a better cover tomorrow.

With no time to remove the cats in traps from my car, I laid the window out on the two large traps containing Mr. Awesome and Hugo, the Humongous.   Off to the glass store.  Alas, its double paned and they have to send it out for repair.  Could be two weeks he said.  Shoot.  So yeah, tomorrow I create a better cold blocker for while the window is gone.  The board now in place is a better insulator than the glass anyhow.

Back home, I got the cats settled into the garage and fed, more paper in their traps, cleaned the house litter boxes and now its off to lala land.  A very good day, I'd say.  Mr. Awesome would disagree.


  1. I say a very good day too

  2. I assume that Mr. Awesome and Hugo are related. They may be unhappy now, but soon, they will be so much better. Great work!

    1. Very related. Inbred sort of related I'd say.

  3. Yay for catching Mr. Awesome. He may hate it now, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

  4. You're awesome. ~nods~ I'm sorry about the window glass hassle. Ugh... It's always something and you power through. ~hugs~ Stay warm!


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