Monday, December 05, 2022

Five More Cats

I took five more cats up to be fixed at the OHSS clinic this morning, early.

For some reason, although I slept 8 hours last night, I'm soooo sleepy today.

Also took 7 bags of dry cat food up to the folks living at the park.



OG Kush


Shadow is not from the RV park, just a wandering tom named Tom by the woman who cares for him.  Now Tom will be neutered, vaccinated and parasite free.

On the way back home, from getting the cats up in Sweet Home, with the cats in the back, on the 45 mph section of Seven Mile, an SUV decided to turn left right in front of me, into a driveway.  I was shocked and slammed on the brakes.  My drink, in the car cup, went flying as did other stuff, but I had tied down the cats and since I was going under the speed limit already, stopped in time.  That driver had to be drunk to pull a stunt like that.  I even made eye contact with him, before he turned.  WTF.  Had to be impaired in some way.

I've overbooked myself.  But I'm game to go for it.   A group wants to fix a dozen or more cats this Saturday, from a colony I am concerned about.  I have five spots Monday at OHSS clinic and am to trap 14 cats for a trip to the FCCO, up in Sweet Home on the 13th and 14th.  This is not as hard as it sounds, to catch 35 or so, within a few days.  But that's if colony caretakers cooperate and also depends on getting my traps back promptly from each endeavor so I can clean them and use them for the next.

I only have about 14 traps now, most of the large ones I never use.  I routinely use the ten small ones I have.    I need to get busy and fix that little one I crunched with my car a long time back.  I partially fixed it, then got too busy to finish trying to pound it out and back into shape.  That project has moved to high priority.

If I use all my traps for Saturday, I'll need to get some cleaned and ready to go Sunday, for Monday's OHSS clinic and get all back, and all cleaned to get up to Sweet Home by Tuesday to get the 14 trapped up there.  It's just logistics, and trusting that people will return them promptly, the latter usually being the hardest piece of the puzzle.

The big colony the student group wants to help with fixing is the tricky one.  I would do all the trapping.  But!  Not sure the man is going to agree to the fixing or not and I have only communicated with his adult son.   He's supposed to let me know today if it will be a go or not.   If its not, then I will get cats from elsewhere for Saturday.  I already have five waiting in the wings.  And they're what I call easy cats.

In the meantime, I will try letting Gigi out of the bathroom today.  So far, I have not been successful finding her a placement or even a foster rescue.   In the meantime, she can't live permanently in the bathroom although she seems really content in there.  She gets lots of attention probably is why.   Her wound is virtually healed.  It healed so fast, I was in awe.  


  1. You will be so busy. Plan for some rest too.

    1. Yeah, I have to now, being old and sleepy.

  2. That sounds like a lot, but if you're game for it, hopefully the others who need to do their part will do their part. Sorry about the crazy driver. Why do they always cause problems for others and not themselves?

    1. Happy to have survived that driver.

  3. I hope the logistics of your great endeavor work out. Good luck.

  4. I'm so glad you avoided a collision. ~hugs~ Stay safe, my dear.


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