Sunday, October 02, 2022


 This weekend has been busy.  I am watching some friends cats while they get away for the weekend.  

Also I have 5 spots Monday and the spots are currently worth probably more than gold.

I spent several hours Friday night behind the gas station. What else am I going to do, I ask you.  I only know of one unfixed cat there, the orange teenager.   There are possibly others, but I haven't seen others who are not fixed, if there are others.

I saw in total about 9 cats, but all of them were fixed.  No sighting of the third orange teen.  His orange tux brother is fixed and so is his orange tabby sister.

Last night, after I cat sat, I met the feeder man of Colony 3, after dark behind the gas station.  I handed him already baited set traps again.   That's how he likes doing it.  Whatever.   He caught three but after a little over an hour, announced he was quitting.   Ok.

He had told me three females at the colony had kittens in the last two weeks so he doesn't want to trap them.   I nearly fainted.  More litters there.  There are only six surviving kittens from five adult females first litters.   Two of the five adult females at least are fixed now.  And five of the surviving kittens in all have been caught.  Two are in Sweet HOme now with Lisa and her daughter who are doing great at taming them down.  The other three get fixed tomorrow.

This afternoon late, after I cat sit, I will go back to the Lebanon colony and hopefully catch two more there, to round out for my five spots.  I need to gas up.  Gas prices have skyrocketed here in the last three weeks.  Now a gallon of regular is $5.09, cheapest.  Prices vary to almost $6 per gallon.  Us little people can't handle these prices, said to whomever cares out there, if anyone does.

Here are the three kittens from Colony 3.




Wish me luck on getting two at the Lebanon colony.   Wish us all luck on surviving these high prices.  I don't know when it will end.  


  1. I really don't get oil companies. Don't they realize they're giving us all incentives to buy cars that don't use their products. They're putting themselves out of business, albeit slowly.

    Good luck getting all the cats. Just when you thought you were almost done...

    1. I decided I am done with his three colonies. The third one, that he has to trap, will never get done. He has every excuse in the book and seems to think he's above trapping. Or its not important to get them fixed. I have no clue with him. He cancelled again last minute this evening, which did not surprise me.

    2. I don't get the oil companies either. I drive very little now, only when I'm trapping, can't afford to go anywhere. What's their end game, I wonder, when a handful of upper echelons in each company get more than anybody could ever spend it all rich and the rest of us suffer it out. Greedy lousy bastards.

  2. All I can do is offer a virtual hug.

  3. I do wish you luck. On both counts. And am impressed at all you do, despite difficulties. Sometimes huge difficulties.

    1. Thanks EC, I wish you well too, as I know prices are going up fast where you live too.

  4. Our gas prices are slowly coming down around here. So sorry to hear that yours are doing just the opposite.


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