Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pool Takedown

 I'm getting ready for winter and the new thing on my list:  take down the wading pool.

All day two days ago, I let it drain, via a hose siphon out on my front lawn.  Didn't want to waste all that water.   My little pool was at best 16 inches deep.  It was good for lounging in, to stay cool on hot days.  I like it.  But it can't stay out for the winter.  It'd pop sooner or later.

After it was drained I cleaned it out but then it needed to dry before I folded it up and put it away.  Too dark and cool by the time I'd finished, so I tried to figure out how to keep it safe from puncture for the night, from the roaming neighbor cats.

I first leaned it against a cat run, but even my cats were trying to claw it through the run.  Wouldn't last the night there.

Ah ha, I thought, eyeing my car.  That might be a perfect fit.

Cute, eh?  I think its cute atop my car.

This morning I dried off what hadn't dried, rolled it up and stuck it in the garage.

I'm still working on cleaning up the foam squares I had the pool on, to put back on the floor in the garage where most of them came from to begin with.


  1. Your car wears its hat well. :)

  2. That worked. It's too bad the cats couldn't have left well enough alone, but then again, they're really not too keen on something that contains water to lounge in, are they?

    1. All it takes is a curious claw, to leave it leaking for next year, when I put it back up again.

  3. I laughed out loud at your brilliant solution. You never cease to impress me. L&L's comment didn't hurt, either. Be well!


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