Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Cold Boredom

 Today, when the feed store man arrived with my six month supply of wood pellets, for cat litter, I told him this was my big event for the day.

Yup, a damn big deal to see him back up the drive with a pallet of pellets.

I'm still getting over that nasty cold I caught.   But I think I've almost kicked it.

I've done nothing really last few days except drink lots of water, clean litter boxes, and eat delicious food.  Like Blackberry milkshakes, made from berries in my yard.  And curry made over the sterno stove.

I didn't want to go anywhere there might be people in case I actually had caught Covid, which seemed more likely to me than catching a cold.  Sure, I'm vaccinated but covid doesn't care and the Delta variant seems really easy to catch and this county has low vaccination rates anyhow.  Yesterday I saw that Linn County, where I live, reported 100 new covid positive cases.  Cases are going up and up in Oregon. 

While many people who are fully vaccinated get and can spread the virus while sick, these cases account still for a small percentage of new cases.  But new research on the Lambda variant, out of South America, is not so good.  It seems to be resistant to our current vaccines.  A third RNA vaccine would produce more antibodies but not useful ones in combating the variants, research shows.  One's own antibodies, if one has had Covid, seem more resilient to changing, to combat newer variants.

I suppose we'll be fighting Covid forever, in various forms, as it mutates again and again, unless we get a vaccine capable of defeating all current variants and somehow get everyone vaccinated within a short time.  England had a terrible Delta variant wave but it crested and broke quickly.  I hope the same happens here.

But now I just think I had a bad cold.  I found an article describing how bad summer colds and a combo of the cold and the flu have been this year.

Anyhow, I was much better even yesterday, than the day before.

Last few days, I've laid around with the cats, sneezed and snorted and coughed and now feel better.

It's still very hot.  But even temperatures in the low 90's seem almost yawner news, as they have been common for so long.  I sit in my 100 plus degree garage and think to myself, the heat isn't so bad today.

Later this week, we will plunge into the 70's and maybe get rain.  Oh, it will feel like winter!!!!

Today I will venture forth......


  1. Glad you're starting to feel better whatever it is that you have.

  2. Not heard of the Lambda variant. Will this nightmare ever end? A cold is is a great thing to get over. Seems like you are doing ok.

    1. It's the best to get over a cold. One of the greatest achievements one can achieve. I am striving towards that end and climbing that mountain of used kleenex tissues to get there. As long as the tissues don't catch fire, I stand a chance.

  3. Oh! Be well, my dear.

  4. I also got the vaccine and just want to make to retirement. Not loosing my current clients.
    Coffee is on and stay safe