Monday, May 03, 2021

So Long Garage Boys

 Blizz and Moon moved on with their lives.  

Now I can also.

Those sweet but stinky just fixed boys.  One black.  One white.  

They were in my garage over two weeks, waiting for a new place to call home.   It was that or the needle, which was what had been planned for them at the shelter in Salem, if I hadn't taken them when they asked.

I'm no adoption group, so no they shouldn't have asked.  But I took them, and now they're getting a new chance so it turned out ok.  

I drove them up to Woodburn today, to meet the nice lady from Meow Village who took them on to their preapproved new barn home.

So long and good luck boys!


  1. Thank you. And hooray for second chances.

    1. Yes, three cheers for second chances. They're such sweet boys. They deserved a chance to live. The boys get in such trouble when their people don't ever fix them.

  2. That's nice and heart warming.

  3. Good luck and happy days, Blizz and Moon!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm so very relieved for them.