Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Me Happy

 I took a trip to the lake today.   I shoved the kayak up into the back of my car and tied it in two places.  Then I hooked a strap around the back hatch, since it won't close over the end of the kayak that sticks out.  There's nothing to hook anything to on the back hatch itself, so I hooked a strap to something inside, then ran the strap out and around the hatch and hooked it to something else on the inside of the other side.  

The temperature was supposed to hit 80 degrees.  But the sky had some clouds and the wind was up on the lake.  But the wind and white capped water kept many boats off the lake, so that worked out ok.  I don't mind a rough lake or the wind.

After I had paddled out to the first point and around it, I took the plunge and crossed the main body of the lake.  It was very rough, but I loved it. The temperature of the air was not hot but not too cold either even in the wind.  I got to Lewis Creek swimming and picnic area, which is officially still closed.   There were a few groups of people who had slipped in, however and were enjoying the beach with almost no one else to be seen.  This is a rarity, once Lewis Creek opens.  It's generally crowded every single day.

I dorked around the shoreline there, lazing away, one foot in the water, wanting to nap then, like I could on my raft.  But the kayak isn't a napping boat.  

By the time I paddled back to the point, then down to the boat ramp where I first put in, there were many kayakers and paddle boarders either already on the water or just putting in.   There were more kayakers than motor boats by now on the lake.

I wish the county would take note of this and make more single car parking lot spots around the lake.

I was willing to drive a single cat up to the FCCO in Portland to be fixed.  It's the last cat needing caught behind that local business where a worker has fed them.  She's moving them all to her own property outside of town.  But the last tabby just won't go in.  She only sees him or her in the morning when she arrives at work, then the cat vanishes into a huge wooded area.   

She's tried for the last two days, leaving her trap set all day both days and had no luck.  I went over to set it tonight, see if anything showed up but all I caught in the end was a possum.  So she'll try again tomorrow and keep trying til maybe she'll get lucky.

I had a blast at the lake.

White capping lake

My buddy Little Thunder this morning 



  1. I am so glad that you got to the lake - I know being on the water is your happy place.
    Good luck catching that last cat.

    1. No luck with last cat. Mating ducks who also eat cat food really screwed things up last night. I gave it up at 11:30 p.m. when a possum got in the trap.

  2. I know how you love being on the water. So glad you got a day in before all of the motor boats showed up.

    1. An online friend said "you finally got on the water" like everyone is relieved because know I'm happy when I can be on or in the water.

  3. Your video sounds so peaceful. I love the sound of running water.

    1. Me too. I have three cat water fountains for drinking that bubble and gurgle like a stream here and I love the sound of that in the house.

  4. Look like he would be good buddy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Hurray for a quiet retreat! :) By the way, we've spend all day burning off the plastic smell of our Cosori 5.8 quart air fryer. The manufacturer recommended this be done a few times while other consumers recommended more frequency. No big deal. And my toasted bagel turned out perfect tonight. I'm sure my husband will put the unit through more paces tomorrow.

    Best wishes!