Wednesday, October 09, 2019

What a Difference

Little Orange Guy began eating like a lion last night.  By this morning he was really really eating.

He still has the snuffles.

Now he's up north with a friend who is really good with bottle babes who have issues like this.

His prospects sure changed since I first saw him mid day Monday and he was so sick and dehydrated.  Nothing like sub cu fluids, nutrical, anti biotics and a heating pad.

Speaking of which, I'd had rice in a sock to heat in the microwave, as a heat sock, for kittens.  I could tell it was fried rice by now.  So I dumped it out and replaced the rice with beans yesterday. I didn't have anymore rice.

This morning, rushed, trying to get ready to drive to meet my friend with him, I threw the sock into the microwave for three minutes, like I had last night.  I got it out and was carrying it my car and noticed it sure seemed to be steaming a lot.  Then I thought, "that's not steam" and it wasn't.  It was smoke.  The thing was on fire. 

I had  a bucket outside the garage, half filled with rain water.  I tossed it in there, listened to the sizzle of fire being doused, and was happy it hadn't caught fire while still in the microwave and while I was outside.

Beans might not be a good option.

We took a short snooze on my bed this morning.  He likes the close contact.  Then while watching morning news, with a cup of coffee, and the bottle boy nestled under my chin, Charlie decides he has to be on my lap too.  Big old Charlie can't jump but I flattened my legs and he pushed himself on up.  Little orange boy decided he wanted to nestle next to Charlie then.  Was it the matching color scheme or just that Charlie is so lovable.

Good luck Little Orange Guy.


  1. Old yellow cat and new yellow cat snuggling together, so cute. Made me smile.

  2. Replies
    1. He was doing well by the time I handed him off.

  3. Wonderful news - and a heartmelting photo.

    1. Charlie is awesome and so is Little Orange Guy.

  4. Glad to hear that you took care of the fire while it was still small.

  5. How precious! And wow, am I glad you got that fire under control. How frightening! Take care, my dear.