Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Six More Fixed Monday. Kittens are Gone

My bathroom kittens are gone.

Yesterday the five remaining kittens went to a family living out beyond Holley, on the upper Calapoia.  It's beautiful up there, I can't deny.   They are transplants from Missouri, and a very nice family.  They will work with them, play with them, maybe adopt them out to friends and maybe keep all of them. 

I miss them already.

So long Rowdy, Biscuit, Tiki, Tahiti and Twink.


Monday I messed up my clinic appointments, having promised some to a kind Stayton man trying to get his barn cats fixed.  I didn't know if he would catch any or all.   He did call me Sunday night to say he had caught three.   I already had seven cats though, figuring since I hadn't heard from him, he hadn't caught any.  One of those seven went to a Detroit area woman who helps cats.

The other six were four Julie caught in Sweet Home, then Speedy, fed as a stray in Albany, and another from the trailer park in S. Albany---Boots, who also was a boy.

I could only take three to the clinic, since the Detroit woman would show up with one and the Stayton man had three.   I took the three wildest of the four Sweet Home kittens.  Their mom had already been fixed.

Doc, a brown mackerel tabby kitten, from Sweet Home, fixed Monday

Sleepy, a gray tux boy kitten from Sweet Home fixed Monday
Bashful, a gray tabby tux kitten from Sweet Home fixed Monday
I emailed Heartland late Sunday, hoping to get some done there and they said bring over two.  So I took the two adult boys, Speedy and Boots, both from Albany, to be fixed there.

Boots is the 4th cat fixed from this location, three of whom have been boys.  Not sure how many are left to be fixed at this one trailer, at least two.
Speedy, who showed up begging for food near a local park by the river had a stomach so big he looked pregnant.  He was full of roundworms.
Julie found a private vet to neuter the fourth kitten from Sweet Home, fortunately.  All six who had been in my garage Sunday night, got fixed, despite me giving away other spots.  It's good though that the Stayton man could get the rest of his caught and fixed. 

I went to bed early, very early, last night since the only thing on TV was election coverage.  I read for awhile but it put me to sleep.  I get off schedule with daylight savings time.   I have no idea why we turn our clocks back or ahead twice a year. 

The first leaf pickup time span of two weeks started Monday but so far the piles are still on the street.  You don't know when during those two weeks the leaf folks will come.

I don't know why, but I enjoy seeing the garbage man come.  If I'm outside when he comes by with that huge truck, he usually waves.  Gives me a warm feeling.  I get older, more isolated, little things like that mean something.  I don't know how in the world they maneuver those trucks around, like in this cul de sac, often crowded in cars.  It amazes me.

I will end with a video of one of those darling kittens, Rowdy, playing tug of war with me.


  1. Oh, bless you! The last way I would put this snafu is to say you made a mistake. ~nods~ Last night I got to see my adored band Palaye Royale! Fun night. And if you don't mind, I'd like to ask your opinion. A woman three hours south of us has two outdoor ginger kittens needing homes. Whatever their full story, I don't know if my husband would agree to the commute. But before I ask him, do you think a six hour car ride would be detrimental to their precious little minds, their mental state? No worries if you're not sure how to answer that. Be well!

    1. No, it would be a strange kitten that would be harmed by a three hour ride. Wouldn't it just be three hours, if you drive three hours to get them, then three hours back with them? Make it a comfy ride, soft blankee, maybe a heated sock or something (rice filled, microwave hot) to cuddle against, cover the carrier partly, for their privacy, all that.

    2. Oh, I'm so silly. Heh... What a goofball. Yes, it would be three hours. ~shakes head~ I appreciate the information. Turns out we're having some issues with Tilly right now and my hope to adopt is being delayed. ~sigh~ Thanks again, for the information and all you do!

  2. Did I say that video is adorable? I can't recall. lol Precious!

    1. Rowdy is a fun little guy and now they're all having a blast with their new people, who got them all kinds of toys.

  3. More kitten success! Garbage trucks don't always successfully maneuver around cars. There are many claims against local councils here where trucks have damaged cars.

    1. I thought there are probably not so nice episodes in the lives of garbage collectors and their customers. These tight spots crammed in street cars make collisions very probable.

  4. Things must be quiet at your house with all of those kittens gone. Knowing you, there will be more soon getting a great chance at life.

    I always wave at the garbage men/people, too. In fact I wave or speak to all kinds of people. I'm not as isolated as you, but it gives a good feeling, also.

    1. Too quiet I think. There have been a steady stream of kittens all summer and fall in my bathroom. You are right, there will likely soon be others. I like to make people connections even in small ways, feels nice.