Sunday, November 04, 2018

Happy Cat Club Numbers for October and...LEAVES!

Well, here are the numbers of cats helped in October by Happy Cat Club. I posted this on the HCC facebook page, just so people know what I'm up to.

  October was a busy month. 49 cats were fixed. 31 others went to rescues, shelters--to safety in other words, cats and kittens who could not stay where they were. We also aided in the placement six others with a friend of mine.
  The 31 cats and kittens who went somewhere else included the last 8 adults out of Camelot trailer park. Over 30 cats and kittens were assisted there in September and October. Those 8 plus 2 Sodaville adults, went to my barn cat placement friend. THANK YOU W!
  ARCF took in two sickly tiny Sweet Home kittens, one of whom did not survive, plus a teen from the same place. They also took in a mom and four kittens from Camelot and those five darling orange kittens from just outside Albany. THANK YOU ARCF!
  Meow Village took in five sickly kittens plus a teen from Sweet Home. THANK YOU MEOW VILLAGE!
  Heartland took in Rocky, abandoned in Waterloo Park, then Tink and Timbers, kittens on their own in Sodaville. THANK YOU HHS!
  A friend and her daughter adopted six starving cats about to be without anybody, from a property just outside Albany. They are eating her out of house and home, I'm told. It's great they have all they want now. THANK YOU LORELEI and JESSE!
  So it was a busy month but a good one for cats of the mid valley.
  The fixing of all these cats was made possible by WHS's tremendous program and by a generous contribution by a Snipped clinic founder on account at their clinic so 12 of the 15 Brownsville colony cats could be fixed there. Other donations, from other people, helped pay gas, cat food, bait, flea treatment, even for vaccines for the 12 fixed in Coos Bay, and well I can't even name everyone
who helped, including Diana who took over trapping after I trapped the first 11 in Brownsville, caught the rest, then housed two kittens, until they could be fixed at whs. Anyhow, team effort, and it leads to getting a lot of cats helped. Myself and the cats are grateful to everyone involved. Good month.

I've got two cats in the garage ready to be spayed tomorrow. One is unknown sex, being fed as a stray near a park in town. She or he growls, but is also very vocal, meowing a lot, then growling. So I haven't bothered to even try to get a looksy under the tail for sex.

Another is from the trailer park in south Albany, the fourth to be fixed from there. They call her Boots and tell me she's a she.

I gave another of my seven reservations away, to a woman in Detroit who helps cats and has a feral female waiting in a crate for spay. And I gave other reservations to a Stayton man last week, who had several barn kittens still to catch, but was asking for more reservations, but the clinic is booked out til January. I felt sorry for him and said he could share mine for Monday. I think he had four left to catch but the clinic later told me he went home and found one of them in a trap, so he may have only three. Anyhow, I asked him to call me last night, and gave him my card, but didn't get his number, told him I needed to know how many of my reservations he would need, so I didn't waste spots, but he didn't call me and now I don't know what to do. Julie meanwhile caught four in Sweet Home whom I'll take and that will be seven but some of them may not be able to be done, if the Stayton man shows up with some. He should have called me though.

Meanwhile, I still engage in leaf wars. The maple has nearly dropped all hers now, with last nights rain and wind, but the birch and cherry are still at it.

Storm was out this morning, one of the Olson Lane boys, trying to grab a few rays of sun.


  1. An excellent month.
    Storm looks blissed out in the sun, as only a cat can.

    1. A most excellent month indeed. Storm loves finding a warm spot where he can zone out of this world.

  2. I read your posts about the different cats you help and know you do a lot, but it is especially impressive when you see the numbers for an entire month. Wow!
    Too bad the leaves are such a pain because they are so pretty.

    1. The leaves are so beautiful. I love to see them, just not in my own yard or on the roof.

  3. Storm is a handsome counterpart to my Jezebel. ~grin~ So glad for a successful month and sorry that fellow never called. How annoying. I'm enjoying the leaves - in other folks' yards. Heh... Hope you are well!

    1. That's a good one. I love the leaves in other folks yards too. Hee hee.