Thursday, November 01, 2018

Five Kittens Left

There were 11 kittens in my bathroom from the vacant house in Sodaville and from that Brownsville colony.

The first one to leave the bathroom was Tink.  Heartland Humane took in Tink, from Sodaville and she got a home rather fast, Thursday in fact.
Tink, before she left for Heartland.  She's in a home now.

So they told me to bring one more on over, the tamest one I had, so I took over Timbers, the little spotted black boy, yesterday. He behaved like a trooper on intake.  I bet he finds his home fast. 
Timbers is now over at Heartland Humane waiting on a home

Down to 9!

This morning, a Tigard rescuer and trapper, came all the way down, with her neighbor, who was interested in adopting two of the kittens.  I was nervous cause I didn't know them and that's enough to make me on edge.  I'm kind of a hermit type and rarely get a visitor here.   I didn't need to be worried.  Both were very nice down to earth people. 

The one chose a brother and sister from Brownsville--Buddy and Betty, to adopt.  This is a great home for this pair and chokes me up to think about those frightened little waifs winning the home lottery as they did. 
Buddy from Brownsville got a home with his sister Betty

Betty is on the right there, by Kona on the left.  Both girls left today along with Maui, Kona's sister.

The rescue lady had found a man wanting two females also.  They took up Kona and Maui for him. The one lady who adopted Buddy and Betty will keep the girls til Saturday when both women take them over to the guy who wants to adopt them.  They'll check out his place to be sure its a good fit before the deal is final on their adoption.  If that home works out too, I'm down four more kittens.
Kona and her torbi sister Maui, below, who has the softest fur you could imagine, will likely be adopted Saturday.  For now they are with Betty and Buddy at their adopted mom's home.


So currently I'm down to five kittens still waiting on homes.  That's a whole lot better than 11.  Am chipping away at it.  Very happy too for those who have helped and the kittens who have found homes.

Who is still waiting for a home?   Sodaville brothers Biscuit and Rowdy and their cousin, a little black tux girl Twink.

Plus a Brownsville brother and sister---Tiki and Tahiti.

Working to get all five Heartland Humane worthy.


  1. EXCELLENT news and work.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks EC, I'm really thrilled about it, and relieved.

  2. If anyone can get the kittens ready for a home, that would be you. Have fun while you're getting them ready. :)

    1. I am having a lot of fun with them L&L, I know you could have guessed that. The five are a bit subdued today, or seem so anyhow, but maybe its because their are just five now, not ten racing around the bathroom wildly playing. Kittens, as tiny as they are, can sound like elephants charging about.

  3. Down to five......until the next round. Your devotion is amazing.

    1. Thanks Andrew! Until the next round.

  4. I'm with Andrew. Well done! And why am I not surprised that lady said she was ready for you but lied. ~shakes head~ Sorry about the leaves. What a pain. Glad you didn't fall asleep on the ladder and got to enjoy a well earned meal. Be well. And thank you for the comments on my blog. I am always thrilled if I can entertain you and/or make you laugh.